USA World Cup Bets and Odds

USA World Cup OddsAlthough football or soccer as it is called in the United States is not considered one of the most popular sports, it has risen dramatically over the years as the US has fielded a number of good teams for World Cup competition.

In 2014, the US team is considered one of the stronger teams in the competition, but they will be hard pressed in their initial group to make it deep into the tournament. However, the US has faced that type of competition before and has responded quite well over the years.

The US in in group G, nicknamed the “group of death” because it’s the toughest group in the tournament, with Germany, Portugal and Ghana. The US has the same odds as Ghana to win the group.

Team Odds
Germany -180
Portugal +275
USA +1000
Ghana +1000

In fact the US isn’t even expected to move on from the group… If you want to bet on the US to advance, you’ll get pretty good odds. A bet of $100 on the US to advance will win you $250 (and a bet of $1 will win you $2.50).

Will USA Qualify From Their Group? Odds
Yes +250
No -350

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The History of the US National Soccer Team

World Cup Prop BetsThe first national team formed in the US occurred in 1885 when they played Canada in what was the first international football matched held outside the UK. While Canada managed to win the match 1 – 0, the US beat Canada the following year, 1 – 0 which helped set the stage for the US fielding teams of remarkable character, if not overwhelming talent over the next century. Although not officially recognized by FIFA, the US did win both the silver and bronze in the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis.

By 1916, the US played in its first official international match and managed to beat Sweden in Stockholm by the score of 3 – 2. The US also played in the first World Cup in 1930 and began its group play by beating Belgium and Paraguay with the latter game being the first time a player, Bert Patenaude, scoring a hat trick or three goals in a single match. The US would make it to the semi-finals, only to lose to Argentina 6 – 1 which led to a third place finish. That finish would be the best the US team has accomplished in World Cup play.

USA World Cup BettingThe 1950 World Cup was the first appearance by the team since 1934 and the US managed to lose against Spain 3 – 1, but turned around to beat England 1 – 0 in what is considered one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports. A victory so stunning it has since been called the “Miracle on Grass”. However, it was the only highlight for the US in the tournament as they lost their remaining game and was subsequently eliminated in the first round.

Over the next forty years, the US would not make it to World Cup play. Although interest in football or soccer was growing considerably over the 1970s and 1980s, a lack of proper organization and general interests basically prevented the US from making a consistent showing in the sport. A low point came in 1986 when the US came close to hosting the World Cup, but lost out to Mexico. Plus, the US team missed qualifying for the World Cup that year on the last game, losing to Costa Rica 1 – 0, a game played in the US.

However, a sharp turn of event occurred in the late 1980s when the US was granted the 1994 World Cup, despite being criticized for not having a proper national team. However, a US team was formed and competed quite well during that time which resulted in the critics quieting down. In 1990, the US qualified for the World Cup again, but didn’t make it out of the first round.

USA World Cup 2014 OddsHosting the 1994 World Cup meant automatic qualification for the US and the team managed to make it to the knockout round before succumbing to Brazil, the first time the US team had made it out of the first round since 1930.

By 1998, the US qualified again, but was smashed in the first round and finish in dead last. However, that setback only managed to fuel the team for the 2002 World Cup for which they qualified and got past the first round to make it all the way to the quarterfinals. Although the team was on a roll having beaten Mexico, they lost to Germany 1 – 0.

In 2006, the US team managed to qualify again, only to draw into a tough group of Ghana, Czech Republic and Italy who became the World Cup champions. The US did not win a match and subsequently they once again did not make it out of the first round.

The 2010 World Cup, the US drew England, Slovenia and Algeria in the first round and managed to make it out of the first round, only to lose to Ghana 2 – 1 when reaching the round of 16. However, it was the victory over Algeria in the opening round which included a goal scored in stoppage time by Landon Donovan that became arguably the most memorable moment in US football since their defeat of England in 1950.

The 2014 US World Cup Team

Bet USA World Cup 2014Qualifying for the 2014 World Cup got off to a shaky start when the US lost to Honduras 2 – 1 in the opening match. However, the US quickly recovered under their manager Jurgen Klinsmann and they subsequently finished first in their hexagonal competition. By adding new players into the formation and changing the atmosphere of the team, Jurgen managed to create a powerhouse that won seven of ten games and scoring 15 goals overall while only conceding 8. The US finished a full 4 points above second place Costa Rica in the final standings.

USA World Cup BetsThere is little doubt that most people will be watching Jozy Altidore who currently plays in the English Premier League and has emerged as a complete player in the tournament. Altidore is well complimented by Clint Dempsey which makes for a potent two-player attack on the goal. Dempsey is a long-time player who has managed to heal up and play at the top of his game along with Michael Bradley of Roma. Plus, Tim Howard is still one of the best goalies around and the American team seems poised to win it all.

Although expectations are high, the history of the US in the World Cup may give some pause for thought. However, there is little doubt that the drive and determination are there to win it all in Brazil.

So if you support the US, and you want to place some ibets on them, please check out our top ranked internet sports books. We’ll be back soon with a great list of the best places to bet the World Cup online. Be sure to look out for it.

USA USA USA World Cup Bets! Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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