There are many events called the “World Cup”

In our last post we talked about all the different kinds of World Cup events there are in the world, and we just found a few more. Just to recap, we mentioned the Men’s FIFA World Cup, the women’s FIFA World Cup, the Cricket World Cup and Rugby World Cup, but apparently there are even more. I’m not sure if or how you can bet on all these events. First we need to identify them all, and then we’ll figure out how to bet them.

FIFA Futsal World Cup

The Futsal World Cup is an international futsal tournament. What is futsal you ask?

Futsal is a form of football (or soccer) that is played in doors. It’s played between two teams that each have 5 players including the goal keeper. The game is played on a hard court with a ball that this slightly smaller than a normal soccer ball. Each team is allowed unlimited substitutions.

The first Futsal World Cup was played in 1989 in the Netherlands. Brazil won the tournament with the Netherlands placing second and the United States third. Since then the World Cup has taken place every four years with Brazil winning 4 and Spain winning 2. No one else has ever won the tournament.

The next Futsal World Cup is this year in 2012 in Thailand. I’m not sure where you can bet on this tournament, but I’m sure that you can bet it. I imagine that more than a few places in Asia and Europe will be taking bets on this. I don’t think there would be much interest for the Futsal World Cup in America.

According the ELO-based rankings as of today, Spain is currently considered the best team in the world. Brazil is second, and they are followed by Italy, Russia, Portugal and Iran in that order. I don’t think the United States has a futsal team anymore. If they do, they are not listed in the top 25.

Audi FIS Alpine World Cup

Apparently there is a World Cup for skiing as well. It’s called the Alpine World Cup tour, and I had no idea that it existed until today. This morning I was reading the news and saw that Austrian Benni Raich won his 36th World cup race in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

I’m not sure how many World Cup races there are, but there seem to be a lot. Raich has won 36 and according to online ski magazine, an American ski racer named Lindsey Vonn won her 47th World Cup in January of this year. It’s safe to assume that these World Cups happen more than once every four years!

Well those are two more types of World Cups that you can bet on if you are so inclined to do so. I think we’ll be adding a page and listing all the different kind of World Cups that exist in the next month or so. After all, how can you not be fascinated with all the different sports that have a World Cup championship? It’s true incredible.

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