The 2014 World Cup on ESPN

The 2014 world cup will be the most sensuous as ESPN has the Global right to broadcast the entire game

The FIFA World Cup simply termed as World Cup to all of us. This is the football game which storming every four year interval the entire world was introduced by the spain world cupFédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA.  There are the national representations from the different countries from the different parts of the globe.  It is the national football sports’ governing body. This global tournament was started in the year of 1930 and held every four years regular interval. In 1942 and 1946 this tournament was not there due to the Second World War. From then to the last world cup it was held with perfect governance by FIFA. The last year i.e. 2010 we got the world champion Spain while the game held in South Africa.

Based on the mission-Develop the game, touch the world, build a better future the FIFA organization has played the role of true and dedicated guardian for millions of the football players and lovers to make the game soul of their heart. The organization is not limited with organizing the World Cup and the other world football championships but it is continuously in the process of development of game rules and regulations and promoting the game where it is less privileged. All the members, associates and sponsors are acting positively to promote the strong mandate of the organization to the entire world to achieve the goal (For the Game, For the World)at a level high, protect the standards and encouraging the contestants for the fair follower of the organizational rules and regulations and promoting the unity to the world.

In its 83 years journey globally the FIFA World Cup trophy has covered 17 countries. Started from Uruguay in 1930 to the last world cup host country South Africa in 2010 it has accumulated over and above thousand millions of viewers’ world wide. In 2006 world cup the total viewers were 26.29 billions which exceeds the most popular world championship-Olympic Games. This year, in 2014 the world cup soccer will be held in Brazil, the country where football is a mania.

World Cup ESPNThe next Brazil world cup in this year has some great attraction as we will be having World Cup on ESPN. This media giant has got the chance to promote the game from its debut moment till to the end directly from the Rose Bowl.  It will help us to catch the fantastic and most remembrance moments and all the small and big footage with its wide coverage there from the stadium and from its surrounding or adjacent areas. The superstars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli, Robin van Parsie and Neymer will be live in your drawing room through the direct telecast by ESPN.

So keep your eyes open and get prepared for the next summer to watch your favorite football hero directly from the game. ESPN has the global access to the entire world and it has the global broadcasting permission given by the supreme football organization FIFA for next 2014 world cup.

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