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Welcome_to_fabulous_las_vegas_signLas Vegas is the center of sports betting in the US and the growth of the internet has done nothing to dim the thrill of betting the Vegas line. Thanks to the gambling laws in Nevada, betting on sports is easy, fun and can be quite profitable for those who have a good understanding of the sports that they love. You can even bet the World Cup online in Nevada now too.

Each sport has its own unique flavor, rules and type of competition. Below we outline some of the most popular.


Betting on soccer is a big business in Nevada. While this isn’t the biggest sport in America, it is the most popular sport in the World. And people travel from all over the World to visit Las Vegas.

This year Las Vegas is offering a ton of World Cup prop bets in addition to their normal World Cup betting. If you can’t make it to Russia, and you’re looking for somewhere fun to watch the games, Vegas might be the sport for you.

If you live in Nevada, check out one of the local online Sportsbooks. They often offer the same odds and bets online that they do in the casino. Betting the World Cup online is easy, peasy in Nevada.

We also offer World Cup betting odds here!

Auto Racing

It’s only been recently that auto racing has made a big impact in Vegas. The structure of the betting is similar to golf in which a winner is selected with the odds determined by the participants chance of winning. This is also a structure used in betting on horses as well, which includes special bets for one on one matchups.


Hot-Baseball-BetsBetting on baseball will include the odds of a team winning the game using the “Money Line”. Understanding all the nuances of the Money Line and its variations such as the “Dime Line” is a little tricky at first, but there are other ways to bet as well.

This includes betting an over/under on the total runs in the game, the point spread by how much a team wins the game, and parlays where you bet on more than one team winning. All the teams must win in order for your parlay to pay off.


Basketball offers numerous opportunities to bet as well starting with the “straight bet” where you simply bet on the team you expect to win based on the point spread. In essence, the favored team must win by at least 1 point above the point spread when betting of the favorite. When betting on the underdog, that team must be at least 1 point within the spread in order for you to win the bet. If the teams finish the game at the exact point spread that is predicted, then the house wins.

Point spread bets are typical in individual and teams sports based on scoring the most points to win.


Boxing uses a win/loss betting system with odds in place for the favored fighter. There are also over/under rounds in predicting a knockout. In some betting circles in Las Vegas, a draw will return your money however, that is not always the case.


Arguably the sport that most people bet on in the US, football has a number of betting systems used in Las Vegas. The point spread is the most common as well as an over/under of the total amount of points that are scored in the game by both teams. There are also parlays where more than one bet is combined and teasers where the point spread is placed more in favor of the better, but the odds are reduced so that the payout is not as much.


sexy-swim-in-vegasThis is one of the most interesting forms of sports betting because it is not based on the completion that happens between athletes and teams, but instead on predictions about who will win a particular prize in the future such as placing a bet on who will win the Super Bowl before the season even starts. Such bets are made with odds that can promise a big payout if an underdog teams manages to pull out a victory.


Like auto racing, golf is a relatively recent addition to Las Vegas sports betting. However, the structure is fairly simple with bets placed on who will win tournaments at set odds with the favorites naturally getting lower odds. Head to head wagers are common as well with people being able to bet which golfer does better than the other. Golf also has room for more unusual betting, such as the over/under on finishing position.


For the most part, betting on hockey is based on the goal spread and winners are paid out on the Money Line. The goal spread is betting on your team beating the spread of goals that are listed which helps determine the favorites. This is a common system that is used in relatively low scoring games such as baseball, hockey and soccer. Parlays can be bet on as well to increase the overall payout.

Horse Racing

horse-racing-las-vegasCertainly one of the oldest betting sports around, horse racing involves betting on individual horses with pre-set odds. There are also “Exactas” which is predicting the order of the first two horses, “Trifectas” where you pick the order of the first three horses and the “Superfecta” where you predict the order of the first four horses. There is also the “Daily Double” which is predicting the winners of two consecutive races and the “Daily Triple” which is three consecutive races.

One interesting aspect on sports betting in Las Vegas is that there are certain sports-related events that you cannot bet on. For example, elections in any form cannot be the subject to betting which means that you cannot bet on who wins the NFL Most Valuable Player or the Cy Young Award and so forth.

However, people can make plenty of “wacky” bets that fall outside the normal betting on sporting events. For the most part, the Super Bowl seems to attract more than any other single game probably because it is the most popular in the US and thus has more people betting on the outcome.

For example, someone could bet on whether a particular Super Bowl team would score more touchdowns than a particular hockey team would score goals on that particular day. Or, betting on which player would actually score the first touchdown of the game as well.

Where to bet World Cup in Vegas? There are certainly plenty of ways to bet in Las Vegas, especially when it comes to sports. Whether it’s a World Cup bet or something else, it really pays to look over all the sports and see what kinds of bets you can make.


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