Sports Betting in the United States

world-cup-betsOnline sports betting hold the major share of gambling round the world. Online betting is one of the best ways to save time and money while betting in a professional way. It lets you place your bets anytime and from anywhere in the world. Do you know? The booming industry of U.S. Online Sports Betting has been the target of world’s biggest sports betting sites since years. That’s why; American bettors have a plethora of betting sites to choose the best option.

Without a single doubt, Online Sports Betting is a recession free industry. This is because, bettors love wagering over World Wide Web because they have every possible advantage to win their bet. Betting websites earn significant profits at the end of day. And with USA World Cup Bets, this billion dollar industry is continuing to grow.

In online sports betting, you are handing over your credit card or bank information to an internet based website. So, you have to be clear on what and how you are actually betting. Here are the various types of bets to place 

World-Cup-Soccer-BettingStraight bets– These bets are placed against the spread. The spread or line is a positive whole number (usually) assigned to favor the under-dog in a particular match. It assigns negative sign behind the same number to the match favorites. For example-

Alveiro Rogers Vs. Liverpool

If Alveiro Rogers are the favorites then Spread Line read would be like this

Alveiro Rogers -3 and Liverpool +3.

Your bet on Alveiro Rogers would win only if they beat Liverpool by at least 4 points.

Proposition bets – Known as prop bets for short, these types of bets are based entirely on the outcome of a match. Like betting on the number of goals that you expect your favorite team will score in a handball match.

USA-Soccer-BetsParlays– This type of wagering involves multiple bets. Example- In a four-team parlays you should place 4 different wagering amounts. The catch of the bet is that either you win all the four bets or you lose the parlay and all the four amounts.

Today, betting is practiced in almost all parts of the world in one or the other way. Legality is a serious issue that limits the extent of online sports betting.

World Cup IBet – The real part of betting comes with a risk of losing and pleasure of winning. Choosing a safe, secure and legitimate sports betting website is a very important decision. Please make sure that you play responsibly.

US FIFA World Cup Team Prepares for Brazil

usa_soccer_world_cup_bettingWith just a couple of months to go before the staging of the biggest event in football, and the US FIFA World Cup Team is anxiously preparing to show the world what they are capable of. They are currently ranked 13th in the world and had nine appearances in the tournament.

The US Soccer first qualified for the tournament in 1930, and they finished in third place, the best for any team not coming from South America or Europe. Then four years later they were eliminated in the first round. The team made the biggest upset in World Cup history when they beat England in 1950. Then it took the country forty years to return to the tournament in 1990 but didn’t manage to stay after the first round.

us-soccer-world-cupThey hosted to the tournament in 1994 and reached the knockout stages. This was the start of more good performances for the team. In France 1998, they finished last but came back strong in the next World Cup when they beat Mexico and Portugal in Japan/Korea 2002. They could have entered the semis if they won over Germany. In 2006, they were eliminated in the first round and reached the round of 16 in 2010.

The US World Cup Team’s road to Brazil 2014 had a bad start when they lost to Honduras at the final round of qualifying. But the team managed to pull through and finished first in the CONCACAF zone where they won seven of the ten games and a tournament high of 15 goals while conceding eight. It looks like German head coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s system is working well for the squad.

usa-soccer-fans-betsDuring the qualifying tournament, Jozy Altidore showed why he deserved to be on the US FIFA World Cup Team. Coach Kilnsmann benched him in the semi-final round due to the attitude and poor form, but the coach reconsidered and let him in the game. The Sunderland player scored goals with ease and played flawless football with Clint Dempsey in the front. Landon Donovan has returned from his sabbatical and has been playing well with Michael Bradley in the middle. Goalkeeper Tim Howard is a force to be reckoned with once the action gets to his area.

To prepare for the World Cup Finals, the US team has booked friendlies with Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Nigeria. The three matches will be played in 12 across the United States. This will help the US Soccer Team to be prepared of the travel and scheduling they will face in this year’s tournament. After the match with Nigeria, the team will fly out to Brazil and start their training at the Sao Paulo FC’s field.


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