Spain World Cup Bets and Odds

sexy spainSpain has a lot to prove in the 2018 World Cup after their shocking early exit during the 2014 games in Brazil. Although Spanish teams have been near the top of the standings for decades, they have only hoisted the World Cup trophy once in their history, which happened in 2010. By qualifying this year, Spain has made it to nine World Cups in a row which is a record.

Spain also one of the favorites to win this year. Their current odds to win the World Cup are 6/1. They’re also favored to win their group over Portugal.  Let’s hope they don’t disappoint.

Continue reading below for their group odds and other bets. 

Qualification Rounds

Spain finished with an almost perfect record in Group G of the UEFA, going nine out of ten wins with one draw and no losses. Only Italy managed to hold them to a draw as Spain looked incredible, scoring 36 goals while only giving up three.

Players to Watch

The team Spain is filling has some of the best talent on the planet, but many were concerned when Xavi retired. The good news for Spain is that there are several experienced players now getting their chance to prove themselves on the pitch.

Sergio Ramos: Ramos is one of the most experienced players on the team and the captain. His long career at Real Madrid which spans more than 370 games stands in testament to his abilities on the pitch. A defender, Ramos anchors the team and provides incredible leadership which has augmented those around him. However, for Spain to succeed, Ramos will have to be at the top of his game.

Isco: When you consider that he only has 25 caps to his name, yet he’s been playing for the past several years, it demonstrates just how talented the midfield for Spain has become. A midfielder who is known for attacking and increase the tempo of play, Isco’s greatest ability may be in passing the ball to the right player at the right time. His speed and determination will serve Spain well as they advance to the World Cup.

David Silva: While it can be argued that no one can replace Xavi, Silva is doing a pretty good job of augmenting how the team works. His playmaking abilities will be the center of the Spanish goal scoring efforts. While he’s a bit on the diminutive side, that hasn’t stopped him from impressing his fans for Manchester City, where he has been playing since 2010.

The rest of the team boasts considerable talent and their respect for the three standout players will certainly help as Spain enters the World Cup this summer.

Bet the World Cup

There is a lot of money bet on Spain to win their group and the World Cup this year. They open the tournament on June 15th against Portugal, their toughest competition in the group. This game could very well determine who will win group B, as the winner could easy go on to defeat Morocco and Iran.

It would be interesting if this match was a draw. If both Spain and Portugal score the same goals, the winner of the group could be determined by the total goals score during the group stage.

Common World Cup Bets

Like most matches now, there are a ton of thing you can bet during the game. Below are some of the most common bets you’ll find online for this game.

Portugal Draw Spain
Match Winner 4.4 3.4 1.85
Handicap +1 1.90 1 – 0 3.55 -1 3.35
Half Time Result 5 2 2.5

The first line is the winner of the match. They odds are 4.4 -1. So if you bet $10 on Portugal, and they win, you’ll win $44. The odds on the draw of 3.4-1, and Spain’s odds are 1.85-1.

The second line handicaps the match. This line gives Portugal and extra goal in order to adjust the odds. In this scenario, Portugal becomes the favorite at 1.9-1. Now if you bet $10 on Portugal and they either won or draw, you would win $19. For the Draw bet to win, Spain would need to win by 1. The odds for this is 3.55-1.

The odds on Spain winning by more than 1 goal is 3.35-1. This is significantly higher than their odds of winning outright. If you Spain to win by a couple of scores, we would suggest betting them on the Handicap line.

The odds for halftime are on the third line. Portugal is 5-1, a draw is 2-1 and Spain is 2.5-1. These odds are different from the full game odds due to the fact the game is only half over. Therefore a draw is more likely.

Over/Under Bets

Another common bet is the over/under or total bet. This is based on the number of goals scored in the match.

Game Total OVER Game Total UNDER
Match Goals 1.5 1.4 2.75
Match Goals 2.5 2.2 1.6
Match Goals 3.5 4.3 1.18

The above bets are based on the Spain/Portugal game.

Looking at the first line, these bets are based on 1.5 goals. If you choose to bet this, you can bet on 1 or 0 goals (under 1.5) or 2 or more goals (2, 3, 4, etc). If you bet $10 on the under (at 2.75) and only 1 goal was scored, you would win $27.50. But if 3 goals were scored, you would lose. The principle is the same for the other lines, but the totals and odds change.

Over/under bet are a fun way to bet the game when you don’t know (or care) who will win. This way you can just route for the number of goals scored, and not either team.

Lastly we have Spain’s odds to win the group. (We like this bet.)

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group B 

Country Odds
Spain 1.5
Portugal 2.8
Morocco 17
Iran 29

Chances for Winning

There is little doubt that the Spanish team will be one of the favorites going into Russia this summer, boasting a strong defense while scoring goals with seeming abandon. While the crash of 2014 is something to consider, especially when adding in the times that Spain has underachieved on the world stage, the prospects for winning this summer are quite good.

The reason why Spain should be feared by their competitors is the combination of talent, defense, and revenge to wipe out the memories of the previous World Cup.  As the rise of new players helps to bolster their chances, it will not be surprising at all if Spain makes it to the finals.

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