How to Bet on Soccer

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Betting on Soccer

It may come as a surprise to Americans, but soccer betting around the world is one of the most important sports betting activities that takes place. Because  of the size and scope of soccer, it is the equivalent of betting on American football.

However, how soccer betting is structured is somewhat different than American football and resembles betting on professional hockey or baseball. There is one major difference however, you can place a bet that the teams will tie since ties are a common occurrence in soccer. This gives you a little more flexibility in how you bet, but there is also more to take into account as well.

The Soccer Line

The soccer line comes in odds that resemble the following;

–       Manchester City -190
–       Draw  +200
–       Arsenal +350

So, if you were to bet on Manchester City, you would be risking $19 to earn $10 while betting on Arsenal would garner $35 for every $10 that is wagered. For ties, you would earn $20 for every $10 that is bet. However, not every soccer match will have odds that are both positive and negative. In fact, it’s a common occurrence to have both teams and the draw in positive numbers so that if you bet on all three, you stand to possibly earn more than it wagered. This generally occurs when the likelihood of a tie is considered reasonably high.


In addition to betting on the winner or tie, you can also bet on the over/under in terms of goals that are scored. Most of these number carry a decimal point such as 3.5 which means that it will be over or under in terms of the number of goal scored during the match.

Other Types of Soccer Bets

There are also other types of soccer bets available as well, such as which team scores first, the time of the first goal, and the team ahead at halftime. For those who have a wealth of knowledge about soccer, there are many ways to clean house when it comes to betting.

These are the basics of soccer betting. The more you know the sport, the better you should do in terms of placing the right kind of wager. This requires research, following the teams and understanding their tendencies when playing during a particular match.

Increasing Your Success at Soccer Betting

If you want to win more often when betting on soccer, then you’ll need to know the basics and more. In fact, understanding the basics of the game is vital towards placing the right type of soccer bet that will most likely pay off for you. What follows are the different items you should keep track of when placing a bet about a particular soccer match.


Looking over the roster can provide you with valuable information as to making the best soccer pick. You’ll want to look over the match reports from recent games and see how the statistics add up for each team. You may see that one team is on a roll while the other is struggling. However, you will need to take into account their opposition. In other words, a team that has faced three tough opponents may have a misleading record compared to the other team who has had it much easier over the same stretch.


Soccer is all about motivation, both good and bad. When you are placing bets on soccer matches, check the team standings and see if each team would gain just as much from a tie as they do a victory. In many cases, if both teams could benefit from a tie result, that could be an important factor in your betting options. Plus, how do teams focus on the type of games that they are playing. In other words, are they more interested in domestic or international competition? This will also go a long way towards discovering the motivation of a team during the match.


You should always keep track of the latest news from the teams as well. Find out which players have been benched, suspended or injured. This can have a definite outcome on the match if a key player is not going to play. Plus, keep track of the reserve players as well and look at how they perform. Players who are injured, yet still playing or coming back from injuries should also be properly evaluated. This is particularly true for nagging injuries such as to the knees or back which can linger over time. By focusing on the injuries, you can get a better idea of just how a team will perform.


This is generally the most common statistic viewed in any sports betting, let alone soccer. If a team stands to win more than a certain percentage against their opponent, especially on the pitch in which they are playing, then you can make a more informed choice about selecting your bet. Rivalry games for example in which on team was crushed, they may exact their revenge during this game.


Teams not only play different teams on their schedule, they also play more during certain times of the year than at other times. In domestic cup competition for example, if it coincides with a international competition it is important to know what each team places more value. Plus, if a team has played in a series of games over a short period of time, fatigue can be a factor as well.

Individual Motivation

Is a popular or talented player motivated to win for a particular reason, such as they are entering contract negotiations or looking to prove themselves with the team? If so, then you can derive a good amount of information from that. The same is true for internal conflicts which can tear a team apart. Trade rumors are another example that can either motivate or depress a player on the team.

Home & Away

Most teams play better at home, that is generally a statistical fact. However there are exceptions such as when teams share a stadium. This is generally the last record you should look at, but it can be very important in determining a winner.

When taking these factors into account, you can come up with a solid soccer betting strategy that will boost your overall record of success.

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