Sexy World Cup Girls

The World Cup fans are some of the most beautiful of the planet. We love the sexy women of the World Cup, and we have a tribute to some of the best over the years.


First up is Brazil, who’s fans are passionate and sexy. Brazil hosted the 2016 World Cup, and it’s no surprise that their women came out to support their country. Below are some Sexy World Cup Girls of Brazil.


Germany won the last World Cup and is one of the favorites to win in Russia. Their fans are awesome, and seem to have a fetish for body paint.


Next up is France, the country of love (and great football). France is one of the favorites to win the 2018 World Cup (just behind Germany and Brazil). Girls in France love the beautiful game, and who can blame them?


The country of Argentina is fanatical for soccer, both the men and girls. As you can see from the pictures below, the love runs deep.


Like the teams above, Spain has one of the top World Cup teams in 2018. Their team is good, and their fans are sexy.


Who knew that the small country of Belgium had so many sex fans? We’re glad they do!


England is one of the greatest football (soccer) countries in the world. Their girls show up in force for the World Cup.


A regular in the World Cup, Portugal has some gorgeous fans.


Another regular in the World Cup, Colombia has no shortage of hot girls who are into soccer.

(Colombia in the middle)


Uruguay won the World Cup twice, and they are back this year for another shot.


2018 marks the first time that Croatia is appearing in back to back World Cups.

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That is all for now. We’ll be back to add some more countries soon 🙂