Portugal’s World Cup Odds and Bets

The 2018 World Cup will be Portugal’s fifth straight appearance although they have yet to win. Their best finish was back in their debut in 1966 when they managed to get into third place. In 2006, they finished in fourth. This year it is expected that Portugal will be one of the favorites to win it all.

Qualifying Rounds

There is little doubt to the power and presence of Portugal, having won the 2016 Euro and topping their qualifying group for the World Cup. However, it should be noted during the Euro, Portugal only had one outright win in regulation over Wales. The rest of the tournament saw three draws and the rest extra time or penalty kick victories.

Although quite strong, it should be noted that Portugal did not take the top spot until they beat Switzerland by two goals, which allowed them to finish in first based on goal differential with the Swiss. Still, it was a tough road for Portugal to win and given their experience, they will be favorites going into the World Cup this year.

Players to Watch

Rui Patricio: Goalkeepers are arguably the most important players on the team, even if they do not get all the glory they deserve. Patricio is an exception thanks to his remarkable skills and Portugal’s emphasis on defense. His experience combined with his ability to make outstanding saves means that if the star players do their job, Patricio will help keep the opponents out of the goal which helps secure the win.

Renato Sanches: This exciting midfielder would be a celebrated superstar in his own right if he were not playing on the same team as Ronaldo. He nabbed the Young Player of the Tournament for the 2016 Euro and his remarkable skills make him the future of Portugal. For the present, he represents a powerful punch that will augment the talents of the other players on his team.

Cristiano Ronaldo: What more can be said about the best, most flamboyant, and talented forward playing in the world today? Ronaldo has managed to craft his legend over the years and today appears to be at his peak. He’s won back-to-back Best FIFA Men’s Player Trophies in 2016 and 2017 respectively. He is the captain, leader, and superstar of Portugal and winning the World Cup will cap his remarkable career.

Bet the World Cup

Portugal isn’t one the favorites to win, but they have a shot. Current their odds are 25/1 which puts them well within the top 10 teams.

Unfortunately for Portugal, they’re in the same group as Spain. Spain has the stronger team and is currently favored to win the group.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group B 

Country Odds
Spain 1.5
Portugal 2.8
Morocco 17
Iran 29

The good new is that Portugal is expected to qualify. With Spain also in the group, it may be worth a bet as their odds aren’t as high as they would normally be.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Qualify Group B

Country Odds
Spain 1.06
Portugal 1.22
Morocco 4.3
Iran 7

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Chances of Winning

On paper, it seems that Portugal may be a lock for getting into the semi-finals and has an excellent chance to win it all. The only thing that might stop them is their opening group which is quite strong and includes their arch-rival Spain and the underrated Iran. Plus, the road out of the group is not going to be easy with Egypt, Russia, or Uruguay waiting in the Round of 16.

Still, if there is any team that can beat the tough competition, it’s Portugal thanks to their strong defense, excellent team spirit, unmatched talent, and the superstar that is Ronaldo who leads the way. However, keep in mind that Ronaldo was injured in the 2016 Euro and his team still won, meaning that if the worst should happen, you shouldn’t count Portugal out.

Thanks for reading. We hope that you bet World Cup and enjoy all the matches!

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