Portugal World Cup Betting

las-vegas-world-cup-betsThe FIFA World Cup is one of the most prestigious titles that a national team can have. It’s no wonder that football teams from all the globe try to achieve great results in this tournament. In this article we will talk about Portugal, the team they will use at the World Cup this year and World Cup betting in general.

You should be aware that Portugal is one of the most important teams in the tournament. It has reached the group stage, in which it will compete with Germany, Portugal, USA and Ghana. This is one of the hardest groups in the whole tournament.

Although the full team is still being established, and the tournament will start in a few months, there are some safe bets when it comes to the team. First of all, Cristiano Ronaldo, Postiga, Varela are some of then forwards that will be used in the matches.

The goalkeeper may be Rui Patricio, although names like Eduardo or Martins will surely be taken into account. When it comes to the defenders, the team will have a very solid defense, thanks to the great skill of players like Ricardo Costa, Pepe, Pereira, Alves or Lopes. Midfielders are very important as well in the upcoming matches, and names like Josue, Nani, Meireles, Micael or Carvalho will surely highlight Portugal’s matches.

cristiano-ronaldo-world-cup-betsPortugal’s coach is Paulo Benta, a former midfielder that is now 44 years old. He lead the team to the Euro 2012 Semi-Finals, and will try to reach the finals this year, or even win it. The captain of this team is Cristiano Ronaldo, a fabulous player that has helped his national team win with his many goals.

One of the most important stars in the team is also Bruno Alves, the most experienced player in the defense, that will try to make it impossible for the other teams to reach the goalkeeper.

When it comes to tactics, Portugal uses a pure 4-3-3, which helps Cristiano Ronaldo leave his left wing position to everywhere he wants, so he can reach the gate and score. The plan created by the coach, most of the time, is to keep the attention on Ronaldo, and also use the other players to help him, by strengthening defense.

world-cup-soccer-oddsAs you can see, Portugal has a very good team this year, and the FIFA World Cup 2014 may very well prove to be one of the best ever, thanks to this national. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Portugal is expected to advance from Group G, this year’s “Group of Death” (called this because it has so many good teams that it will be the hardest to advance from). Germany is one of the favorites to win the entire tournament, and the USA and Ghana are very good teams too. Portugal should advance from the group stage, but never know what can happen. They can even win the group! If you want to bet on Portugal to win their World Cup group, the odds are +275 which are very good odds on a team as strong as the Portuguese team is.

Team Odds
Germany -180
Portugal +275
USA +1000
Ghana +1200

I’ve spent some time in the Ironbound District in Newark, NJ, and I know which team they will be rooting for. Even through Newark is in the US, the Iron Bound district is most made up of people of Portuguese descent. Restaurants and store fronts are often in Portuguese, and the locals speak Portuguese to each other as if it was the local language. If you’re in the New York / New Jersey area, and you’re rooting for Portugal to win the World Cup, do yourself a favor and watch a game in the Ironbound district. You’ll be happy that you did.


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