Germany’s 2018 World Cup Team

Germany is one to the favorites to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It’s a tall order as very few countries have back to back wins, but the odds are in their favor. As of today, only Brazil is favored over Germany (Brazil is 4/1 and Germany is 9/2).

Germany is the clear favorite to win their group as well as their first match against Mexico. Located in Group F, the Germans must get past Mexico, Sweden and South Korea to move on. While these are strong teams, it shouldn’t be too had for Germany to advance as their have one of the best teams in soccer.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group F

Country Odds
Germany 1.36
Mexico 6
Sweden 7
South Korea 15

The German national team coach Joachim Low, who won both the 2014 World Cup and 2017 FIFA Confederation Cup, is looking forward to this tournament. He’s quoted as saying that to play constantly play at the highest level, the sport requires incredible demands, concentration and above all, never letting up. According to him, usually people celebrate success, that’s normal, but it also means that your appetite is satisfied. It is quite natural that human beings lose hunger, that allows others are more driven an opportunity to win. Therefore, Joachim Low said that the toughest task is to maintain high standards.

The German team feels that their job is to adapt themselves to every situation. By staying informed about the direction football is taking, and what are the developments in it, the German Team will continue to be trendsetter in FIFA World Cup 2018. They are all set to stay ahead of other teams.

The team looks towards their future. The team players are not just players who want to win the game; rather they are visionaries. The history tells us that the German national team never hesitate to try things, even if they look absurd, they try them anyway. The crazy things that they did in Brazil and none of them was a coincidence. Everything is perfectly planned before they set to do it practically and make sure they get succeed in it.

Germany won the World Cup in 2014. Most of the heroes of 2014 are still part of the squad for FIFA World Cup 2018. For FIFA World Cup 2018, the chosen goalkeepers are Manuel Neuer, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and Bernd Leno. Among the defenders are, Jonas Hector,  Joshua Kimmich, Benedikt Howedes, Jerome Boateng, Mats Hummel, Shkodran Mustafi, and Niklas Sule. I

ncluded in the midfielders are, Toni Kroos, Sami Khedira, Julian Weigl, Iikay Gundogan, Sebastian Rudy, Mario Gotze, and Mesut Ozil. The forward players are Thomas Muller, Julian Draxler, Marco Reus, Leroy Sane, and Andre Schurrle. Together, all these team players make Germany the 4th world class team that has the most polished and experienced players who are completely fit and motivated to win the upcoming FIFA World Cup. But, it is believed that this thing will turn out to be against them in Russia, by feeding the same satisfied players.

Lucky was the coach, Joachim Low, who won the Confederations Cup with a completely new squad. He has now more players to choose from. The main tension for him right now is to create a high level of competition because in the end that makes all the difference.

While comparing the World Cup in Brazil with the upcoming one, the first difference is in the temperature. Brazil was quite hot, with kick-offs at different times. The matches were mostly organized during midday. Also, in Brazil, the German team was not the actual focus because a European team never won a title on American soil. Therefore, the focus was on Brazil, and everyone wanted Brazil to reach the finals. So, the German team was not among the favorites. But, in FIFA World Cup 2018, they are.

German Team is World Cup winner, Confederation Cup winner and had played a strong qualification phase. According to Joachim Low, the pressure is always three, and it will be more on him in Russia. Mr. Low says that there is no success without a plan, and thus, the German team is planning a win in FIFA World Cup 2018. In the end, there could be any situation where the luck plays a role, where outside factors influence things. But, with planning, consistency and having a clear objective, they can go far enough to get success in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Everyone must focus 100 percent on their tasks. If every player is visionary and always looking to the future, in this way the national teams develops, and this is how teams win such huge titles as FIFA World Cup. The coach of the team, of course, must be a go-to-person for players, where social skills play an important role. He should be the one who can lead the team, and that requires a certain relationship with the players. On the other side, the public relationships., the coach is the representative of the team and the sport in public. Being multi-faceted and versatile is important for both the team and their head, that is, the coach.

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USA World Cup Bets and Odds

USA World Cup OddsAlthough football or soccer as it is called in the United States is not considered one of the most popular sports, it has risen dramatically over the years as the US has fielded a number of good teams for World Cup competition.

In 2014, the US team is considered one of the stronger teams in the competition, but they will be hard pressed in their initial group to make it deep into the tournament. However, the US has faced that type of competition before and has responded quite well over the years.

The US in in group G, nicknamed the “group of death” because it’s the toughest group in the tournament, with Germany, Portugal and Ghana. The US has the same odds as Ghana to win the group.

Team Odds
Germany -180
Portugal +275
USA +1000
Ghana +1000

In fact the US isn’t even expected to move on from the group… If you want to bet on the US to advance, you’ll get pretty good odds. A bet of $100 on the US to advance will win you $250 (and a bet of $1 will win you $2.50).

Will USA Qualify From Their Group? Odds
Yes +250
No -350

For more bets check out Bovada (LINK), it’s our #1 ranked sports book for betting the World Cup online, and they have a ton of prop bets for team USA, such as which player will score the most goals for the US, how many points win the US accumulate during the group stage, which stage of the tournament will the US make it too, and a number of other USA World Cup bets.

The History of the US National Soccer Team

World Cup Prop BetsThe first national team formed in the US occurred in 1885 when they played Canada in what was the first international football matched held outside the UK. While Canada managed to win the match 1 – 0, the US beat Canada the following year, 1 – 0 which helped set the stage for the US fielding teams of remarkable character, if not overwhelming talent over the next century. Although not officially recognized by FIFA, the US did win both the silver and bronze in the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis.

By 1916, the US played in its first official international match and managed to beat Sweden in Stockholm by the score of 3 – 2. The US also played in the first World Cup in 1930 and began its group play by beating Belgium and Paraguay with the latter game being the first time a player, Bert Patenaude, scoring a hat trick or three goals in a single match. The US would make it to the semi-finals, only to lose to Argentina 6 – 1 which led to a third place finish. That finish would be the best the US team has accomplished in World Cup play.

USA World Cup BettingThe 1950 World Cup was the first appearance by the team since 1934 and the US managed to lose against Spain 3 – 1, but turned around to beat England 1 – 0 in what is considered one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports. A victory so stunning it has since been called the “Miracle on Grass”. However, it was the only highlight for the US in the tournament as they lost their remaining game and was subsequently eliminated in the first round.

Over the next forty years, the US would not make it to World Cup play. Although interest in football or soccer was growing considerably over the 1970s and 1980s, a lack of proper organization and general interests basically prevented the US from making a consistent showing in the sport. A low point came in 1986 when the US came close to hosting the World Cup, but lost out to Mexico. Plus, the US team missed qualifying for the World Cup that year on the last game, losing to Costa Rica 1 – 0, a game played in the US.

However, a sharp turn of event occurred in the late 1980s when the US was granted the 1994 World Cup, despite being criticized for not having a proper national team. However, a US team was formed and competed quite well during that time which resulted in the critics quieting down. In 1990, the US qualified for the World Cup again, but didn’t make it out of the first round.

USA World Cup 2014 OddsHosting the 1994 World Cup meant automatic qualification for the US and the team managed to make it to the knockout round before succumbing to Brazil, the first time the US team had made it out of the first round since 1930.

By 1998, the US qualified again, but was smashed in the first round and finish in dead last. However, that setback only managed to fuel the team for the 2002 World Cup for which they qualified and got past the first round to make it all the way to the quarterfinals. Although the team was on a roll having beaten Mexico, they lost to Germany 1 – 0.

In 2006, the US team managed to qualify again, only to draw into a tough group of Ghana, Czech Republic and Italy who became the World Cup champions. The US did not win a match and subsequently they once again did not make it out of the first round.

The 2010 World Cup, the US drew England, Slovenia and Algeria in the first round and managed to make it out of the first round, only to lose to Ghana 2 – 1 when reaching the round of 16. However, it was the victory over Algeria in the opening round which included a goal scored in stoppage time by Landon Donovan that became arguably the most memorable moment in US football since their defeat of England in 1950.

The 2014 US World Cup Team

Bet USA World Cup 2014Qualifying for the 2014 World Cup got off to a shaky start when the US lost to Honduras 2 – 1 in the opening match. However, the US quickly recovered under their manager Jurgen Klinsmann and they subsequently finished first in their hexagonal competition. By adding new players into the formation and changing the atmosphere of the team, Jurgen managed to create a powerhouse that won seven of ten games and scoring 15 goals overall while only conceding 8. The US finished a full 4 points above second place Costa Rica in the final standings.

USA World Cup BetsThere is little doubt that most people will be watching Jozy Altidore who currently plays in the English Premier League and has emerged as a complete player in the tournament. Altidore is well complimented by Clint Dempsey which makes for a potent two-player attack on the goal. Dempsey is a long-time player who has managed to heal up and play at the top of his game along with Michael Bradley of Roma. Plus, Tim Howard is still one of the best goalies around and the American team seems poised to win it all.

Although expectations are high, the history of the US in the World Cup may give some pause for thought. However, there is little doubt that the drive and determination are there to win it all in Brazil.

So if you support the US, and you want to place some ibets on them, please check out our top ranked internet sports books. We’ll be back soon with a great list of the best places to bet the World Cup online. Be sure to look out for it.

USA USA USA World Cup Bets! Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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Mexico World Cup Bets and Odds

mexico-world-cup-2014Mexico has a very proud tradition of football and even though they have yet to win a World Cup, they are considered a very formidable team that has enjoyed a number of accomplishments over the years. Mexico has won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2012 and the 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup as well, being one of only seven countries to accomplish winning two out of the three major international football tournaments.

Qualifying for 14 World Cups and doing so consecutively since 1994, Mexico is only one of three teams that has made it out from the group stage in the last five events. However, the accomplishments of Mexico over the years go back beyond their first World Cup appearance in 1930 to a rather humble beginning as a sport brought over by Europeans. It is true that Mexico has transformed the sport of football into one of their own thanks to the talent, determination and drive of their national teams.

This year Mexico is in Group A with Brazil, Croatia and Cameroon. Brazil is favored to win the group (and the entire World Cup), so we don’t recommend betting on Mexico to win Group A. We do like Mexico to advance from the group stage, so the best bet on Mexico might be to bet them to advance. The odds for both bets are listed below.

Odds to win Group A

Team Odds
Brazil -450
Croatia +750
Mexico +750
Cameroon +2500

And our best bet on Mexico for the World Cup

Will Mexico Qualify From Their Group? Odds
Yes +110
No -140

You can place both these bets (and many more) at Bovada (LINK), our #1 ranked sports book for betting the World Cup online. They offer a ton of prop bets and some of the best World Cup betting odds you can find online.

The History of the Mexican National Football Team

World Cup IbetFootball was not organized in Mexico until the early part of the 20th century when European immigrants such as miners from the English city of Cornwall brought the sport over to the country. From these beginnings, Mexico managed to form a rag-tag national team and even won their very first match against Guatemala in 1923. Four years later, Mexico expanded their reach in international friendly competition and even tie Spain 3 – 3 before losing to Uruguay 1 – 3.

In 1927, Mexico established an official governing sport for their football team and managed to make an appearance in the 1928 Summer Olympics, although their debut was not a successful one. However, two years later Mexico did participate in the first ever FIFA World Cup and unfortunately did not make it out of the group stage. However, they did make the first penalty kick ever in FIFA World Cup competition.

world cup prop bets 2014It was not until 1950 that Mexico returned to World Cup action, although they were still not very successful. About the only distinction during that time was goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal being the first player ever to appear in five World Cups. In fact, it would not be until 20 years later when Mexico hosted the FIFA World Cup would they advance past the opening group and all the way to the quarter final stage before getting beat by Italy 4 – 1.

After failing to qualify for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, Mexico stormed back with a vengeance in 1978 by making it all the way to the finals before losing to Argentina. Unfortunately, Mexico could not maintain any momentum and failed to qualify for the 1982 World Cup. However, they earned automatic qualification in 1986 when they hosted the World Cup once again and made it to the quarter finals before losing to West Germany in a penalty shootout.

The low point for the Mexican national team was reached in 1989 when players over the age limit were on their FIFA Youth World Championship team. The penalty prevented Mexico from qualifying for the next FIFA World Cup or Olympic Games.

World Cup BettingHowever, after the punishment was inflicted, Mexico actually made a very strong return to the FIFA World Cup scene thanks to a change in leadership. The 1994 World Cup team consisted of having great players and managed to get out of their very difficult group only to lose to Bulgaria in the second round on penalty kicks.

Mexico easily qualified for the 1998 World Cup only to lose to Germany in the second round. By 2002, the qualifying was more difficult, but they managed to get in again and escape group play once more only to be defeated by the US team 2 – 0 in a very controversial game.

In 2006, Mexico managed to get out of a good, but unspectacular group again only to lose to Argentina in extra time 2 – 1 in a heartbreaking loss. Making it into the 2010 World Cup by defeating El Salvador, Mexico managed to make it out of a tough group again and Javier Hernandez became the first Mexican player ever to score in three World Cup events. However, they just barely made it out of their group before facing Argentina in the second round and losing 1 – 3.

The proud history of the Mexican team in FIFA competition has served them well, particularly with their 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup Championship. However, they are still reaching for a World Cup title which they have only been near once in their long, proud history of competition.

The 2014 Mexico FIFA World Cup Team

Mexico World Cup BetsAfter winning Olympic Gold in 2012, the Mexican team has struggled to reach the 2014 World Cup by winning only two of ten matches in the fourth round. However, they did qualify for an intercontinental playoff thanks to the United States beating Panama in the final round. Mexico then defeated New Zealand to reach their sixth World Cup.

This rugged road to the World Cup was a series of emotional events for a team that originally had high expectations. Given the sheer number of setbacks and changes over the past year, it will be difficult to predict just how the Mexican team will fare in this World Cup competition. However, Mexico can count on Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, Giovani dos Santos and Andres Guardado to lead the team into the competition.

Mexico World Cup OddsHowever, there are also plenty of young players waiting to take the field as well, such as Oribe Peralta, Carlos Pena and Raul Jimenez just to name three. Youth may be well served in getting Mexico out of their current group which is not frightful, but considering Mexico’s level of play may just be enough to cause them real trouble.

There is little doubt that Mexico will have to play considerably better than it did during the qualifying rounds in order to make a sixth appearance in the second round of the World Cup. However, the talent, drive and determination will certainly pay dividends as they enter the 2014 World Cup competition.

If you’re interested in placing a World Cup ibet on Mexico, there are a lot of different things you can wager on. Team bets, prop bets and more can all be bet online.

ibet world cup

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Brazil World Cup Odds & Bets

brazil world cup bettingEasily the most successful football team in the history of the FIFA World Cup, Brazil has won five World Championships and four FIFA Confederations Cup titles including the most recent in 2013. A member of the FIFA since 1923, Brazil is the only team to have qualified for every World Cup without having to go through the playoffs. The history, tradition and might of the Brazilian football team are legendary, filled with great names from the past and current stars looking to cement their status as World Cup champions. In 2014, Brazil hosts the World Cup and was automatically qualified as such.

Brazil World Cup Odds & Bets

Brazil is the favorite to win the World Cup. The odds are 3/1.

Of course they’re also favored to win their group. While they have a big price, but it looks like easy money. They’re playing in Brasil, and their group is pretty weak. FIFA currently ranks Brazil is the fourth best team in the world. Mexico and Croatia are ranked 19 and 20. Cameroon is 50.

Team Odds
Brazil -450
Croatia +800
Mexico +900
Cameroon +2500

There are also some interesting Brazil prop bets. You can bet on seven different Brazil players to be the top goalscorer of the World Cup.

Player Odds
Neymar (Brazil) 10/1
Fred (Brazil) 25/1
Alexandre Pato (Brazil) 33/1
Hulk (Brazil) 33/1
Jo (Brazil) 40/1
Oscar (Brazil) 50/1
Robinho (Brazil) 66/1

The History of the Brazil FIFA Team

brazil-world-cup-betting2014 celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first game played by the Brazilian national football teams as they formed a select team from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and played an English team, Exeter City. The result of the match is still in doubt to this day as some claim a 2 – 0 victory by Brazil while others stated it was a 3 – 3 tie. Regardless of the result, the Brazilian national team had a long way to go before becoming a world power in football.

Brazil qualified, but did not make much of a dent in World Cup competition until 1954 when they made it to the quarterfinals, only to lose to Hungary 4 – 2 in a match so ugly it was called the “Battle of Bern”. However, that loss led to a further focus on creating an even better team for the following World Cup. For 1958, Brazil not only sent along a dentist to help treat potential oral issues that were affecting their performance and a psychologist to deal with the memories of previously unsuccessful runs at the World Cup.

brazil world cup oddsHowever, the most important inclusion was Pele’, who was making his first appearance in World Cup play and would prove decisive in winning getting Brazil through the very tough group that they had drawn into before making their way to the final and defeating the host country Sweden 5 – 2. Brazil became the first nation to win the World Cup on a pitch outside their home continent and Pele’ would start his career that would in turn make him the greatest football player in the history of the game.

For the 1962 World Cup, Brazil managed to win its second in the row despite Pele’ being injured in the second group match while playing Czechoslovakia. Pele’ could not return to the pitch, but his team was so talented that the managed to win rather decisively in defending their World Cup championship. Unfortunately, the 1966 World Cup proved to be disastrous for the Brazilian team as a combination of internal politics, heated disputes and the rough physical play which limited Pele’ and ultimately sent him from the pitch with an injury as Brazil was eliminated in the first round.

brazil world cup betsHowever, Brazil bounced back in 1970 and won its third World Cup under the leadership of Pele’ and arguably the greatest squad ever to compete at the event. Led by Carlos Alberto Torres, Tostao, Gerson, Jairzinho and Rivelino along with Pele’, the team was so great that the Jules Rimet Trophy that they had won for the third time was allowed to stay in Brazil permanently.

After the retirement of Pele’, the Brazilian team could not repeat as champions and suffered from a dry spell that lasted nearly a quarter century. However, the first World Cup held in the United States in 1994 proved to be the turnaround that Brazil needed. Despite fielding a less than legendary team, it was more than good enough to fight its way through to the finals where they managed to outlast Italy in penalty kicks to win the World Cup for a record fourth time.

world cup brasil betsIn 1998, Brazil failed to defend its championship and lost to France in final game. But they came back in 2002 when the seized the World Cup in South Korea, managing to overcome some less than inspired performances initially to dominate the competition until the finals where they faced Germany for the very first time. Led by the famous “Three Rs” of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo, Brazil managed to defeat a very strong German team 2 – 0 with both goals being scored by Ronaldo. Rivaldo had managed to score in every game of the tournament until the final. The triumph of the Brazilian team and their fifth World Cup cemented them as the most successful ever to play in the competition.

However, Brazil has not added a sixth World Cup to their collection, though the 2014 FIFA team looks to do so when the tournament starts in June, 2014.

The 2014 Brazil FIFA Team

Despite winning the 2012 Superclasico de las Americas, the coach Mano Menezes was let go and Luiz Flipe Scolari became the new manager of the team. Although the beginning of 2013 did not go well, the team rebounded and won the 2013 Confederations Cup, setting the stage for the 2014 FIFA World Cup team.

world cup brasil oddsThe key players of the current Brazilian squad are led by their striker Neymar who is already being recognized for his leadership skills. With the number of excellent supporting players under his wing, including Robinho a former teammate of Santos and Dani Alves of Barcelona, the Brazilian team is geared toward the attack and is solid through and through.

Grounded by veteran goalkeeper Julio Cesar, the Brazilian team looks to make a run at the World Cup championship and win its sixth title. A team that has much to demonstrate, Brazil does have the depth, coaching and players to certainly compete against the best in the world. If anything, the fact that the World Cup is in Brazil may make a considerable difference when it comes to being in close matches.  Blessed by being placed in a moderately tough, but nothing overwhelming group, Brazil is well positioned to make it deep into the competition thanks to its tradition, player and drive to win back World Cup dominance once again.


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Australia’s Best World Cup Bets and Odds

Australia-World-Cup-OddsAustralia may not have entered the 2014 World Cup as one of the favorites, but they do sport a fun, exciting team that is very reflective of the Aussie competitive spirit. While rugby and especially Australian Rules Football or “footy” are the main sports in Australia, their national football team been around for over 90 years with varying degrees of success.

This has meant that football has taken a back seat to the other sports in Australia, but it is not one that is completely overlooked. Australians have a real pride of competition and much is expected from the 2014 World Cup team.

The Socceroos are listed at 500/1 to win the World Cup. One reason for their long odds are that they’re going up against Spain, Holland and Chile in the group stage. With such great competition, the odds on Australia to win the group are incredible. If you bet $100 on Aussie’s to win Group B, and they do, you would win $3,300 at most online bookmakers. Not bad!

Team Odds
Spain -135
Netherlands +225
Chile +400
Australia +3300

Australia’s Best World Cup Bet

Australia-Fans-SocceroosThe Australians open the World Cup against Chile on Friday the 13th (which isn’t exactly the best date). All superstition aside, if you like the Socceroos and you expect them to win at least one World Cup match, this could very well be your best bet. Expectations are low, so the odds that you are getting to wager on Australia to win here are very good. And if the Aussies do win, you probably won’t be able to odds this good again even against team that are much tougher than Chile. This is way we think betting Australia to win it’s first World Cup match in their best bet in the 2014 World Cup.

Team Point Spread Odds Total Total Odds
Chile -1 (-125) -220 (+105)o
Australia +1 (+105) +650 (-125)u
Draw +330

The History of the Australian National Football Team

The first Australian national team was formed in 1922 and made a tour of New Zealand where they lost two and drew once in their three games. Over the next 36 years, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa made regular tours and played matches against each other, save for World War II. Also in the pre-World War II years, the Australian team competed against India and Canada as well.

Australia World Cup BetsThe first real presence of Australia on the world football scene occurred in 1956 when the city of Melbourne hosted the Olympics. However, the team did not do well at all and most people regarded the Australian national team as a good bunch of players that were simply not ready for the world stage. The main reason was the geographic isolation of Australia which prevented them from playing a robust schedule until air fares became much more reasonable.

It was not until 1974 that Australia made its first appearance at the FIFA World Cup in West Germany and was promptly eliminated in the first round without having won a game. It would be another three decades before the Australian team would qualify again. During this time, their one bit of shining glory was defeating the defending World Cup champions Argentina in 1988.

The Australian team once again qualified for the World Cup in 2006 and once again it was in Germany. Qualifying for the World Cup proved an arduous task as they had to defeat numerous solid teams and managed to win their final play-off against powerful Uruguay when they won the game on penalty kicks, becoming the first team ever to get into the World Cup based on penalty kicks.

Australia-2014-World-CupAlthough they barely made it into the 2006 World Cup, they performed quite well by beating Japan in the opening match and scoring their first goals ever in World Cup competition. However, despite playing much better than ever before, they still did not get out of the first round when they were defeated by Italy 1 – 0 off controversial circumstances. Still, it was an admirable performance by the team.

Australia qualified for their third World Cup appearance in 2010 and unfortunately drew into a group consisting of Ghana, Serbia and Germany. They managed to draw against Ghana and defeat Serbia, but getting smashed by Germany once again ended their run in the first group.

Sexy_Australia_Surfer_GirlFor the 2014 World Cup, Australia managed to finish as “runners-up” in their particular group and making the qualifications. However, it was no easy ride as they had to make a comeback win against Thailand and then lost to Oman in the opening stages which put them in a hole. However, they ultimately made it out of the first round and then drew against Japan and Oman before losing to Jordan.

Being back on their heels, the team had to rally with a win over Iraq before managing two more draws and ultimately defeating Jordan 4 – 0 that put them right on the edge of qualification. Another victory over Iraq as substitute Josh Kennedy managed to score late in the game sealed the win and their place in the 2014 World Cup.

However, their manager Holger Osieck was sacked after a four year run when his team was destroyed by both Brazil and France 6 – 0 in friendly competition and a new change in leadership will be present for the Australian team when they arrive at the World Cup in Brazil.

The 2014 Australian World Cup Team

The Australians have drawn into Group B for the World Cup along with the Netherlands, Chile and Spain which will once again make this a tough series of matches for them to get past.

Tim Cahill with Red Bull New York

Tim Cahill with Red Bull New York

The star of the 2014 Australian national team is Tim Cahill, a remarkably versatile player with an offensive mindset. Cahill has a very impressive goal ratio for a midfielder and has a surprising ability to head the ball in despite his rather average height. His talent and versatility in terms of the offense will be needed for Australia to succeed.

Lucas Ness returns as the leader of the team having served admirably in the 2010 World Cup. Ness is a very consistent player and considered the bedrock of the team’s chances of success. This is because Ness never waivers and never gives up, which has helped keep the Australian team together during their past run.

brett-holman-australia-world-cupFinally, another player to keep an eye on is Brett Holman who has helped to elevate the team considerably since he first joined. An excellent midfielder with remarkable versatility and passing game, Holman may be the key for Australia to finally get past the first round of competition.

There is little doubt that Australia will be hard pressed to get out of the first round of competition thanks to their struggles in qualifying and less than impressive World Cup history. However, they are a rugged, tough team with the talent to score when needed which makes them a very dangerous opponent to overlook.

Add to this the desire to make it further into the World Cup and this team may be a surprise dark horse to get into the latter rounds. While the chances of the team actually winning the World Cup may be slim, stranger things have certainly happened and there is no question that the Australians have the talent, drive and motivation to do quite well in the 2014 World Cup.


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Argentina World Cup Betting Odds for 2014

Argentina-World-Cup-Betting-OddsArgentina is one of the favorites to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Only the host country Brazil has lower odds than Argentina. The latest World Cup betting odds from Las Vegas have Brazil at 3/1 and Argentina at 9/2.

Argentina is the clear favorite to win their group, Group F. Bosnia, Nigeria and Iran don’t seem like much competition for one of the best teams in the tournament.

Team Odds
Argentina -400
Bosnia-Herzegovina +600
Nigeria +800
Iran +3300

Now on to prop bets…

One of the best prop bets on the World Cup is which player will score the most goals durign the World Cup. It should come as no surpirse that Lionel Messi is Vegas’s favorite to win this prop.

Player Odds
Lionel Messi (Argentina) 8/1
Ezequiel Lavezzi (Argentina) 50/1

One of the best team prop bets is the total number of points scored during the group stage. Below are Argentina’s odds for this wager.

Points Odds
0 Points 1000/1
1 Point 250/1
2 Points 90/1
3 Points 35/1
4 Points 10/1
5 Points 10/1
6 Points 5/1
7 Points 2/1
9 Points 6/5

Argentina FIFA World Cup Team

Argentina-world-cup-betsThe two-time winning World Cup team from Argentina boasts a rich tradition of football along with a great rivalry with Brazil for being the best in South America. Over the years, Argentina has built up a tradition of winning and competing well in the World Cup. For 2014, Argentina looks to compete again and make it deep into the tournament.

Currently coached by Alejandro Sabella, Argentina has appeared in four World Cup finals, including the inaugural one in 1930 where they were beaten by Uruguay 4 – 2. Over the years, Argentina has built up a rich tradition of football, especially in the late 1970s through the 1980s which were their golden years. In addition to World Cup victories, Argentina has won 14 Copa America titles and two Olympic titles in 2004 and 2008.

The History of the Argentina FIFA World Cup Teams

argentina-players-2014The history of the Argentina football team goes all the way back to 1901 when they faced Uruguay in a game held in Montevideo on May 16th, a game that Argentina won 3 – 2. Argentina engaged in friendly matches over the next few years until competitions such as the Newton Cup came into being, a title first won by Argentina in 1906.

Over the next two decades, Argentina won several titles in various contests alone with playing in numerous friendly matches with the most notable being the “Gol Olimpico” goal scored against Uruguay in 1924, a corner kick that went untouched into the goal. In 1928, Argentina reached the finals in Olympic soccer, but it was the 1930 World Cup where they reached the final again, only to lose to their rival Uruguay 4 – 2

From 1934 to 1954 Argentina went into a great slump and wasn’t competitive in World Cup play for 20 years. That ended in 1958 when they entered World Cup competition again with a well-respected team that unfortunately got smashed 5 – 1 by Czechoslovakia which ended their run in the first round and was labeled “The Sweden Disaster” by fans.

argentina-soccer-oddsArgentina continued its dominate play in the Copa America, winning titles and beating many of its rivals over the next several years. Winning the Nation’s Cup in 1964 helped to establish Argentina again as a formidable power, but Brazil was in the middle of its dominant World Cup run. Despite beating Brazil in a few friendly matches and in the Nation’s Cup, the success did not translate to World Cup success.

However, things turned around in 1978 when Argentina went into the World Cup with a powerful team that managed to get out of its group despite heavy competition. Although only managing a draw with Brazil, its 6 – 0 win over Peru allowed Argentina to edge past its Brazilian rivals and get into the finals where it had to smash Peru once again and finally play the Netherlands where they won 2 – 1 in extra time. The victory sealed Argentina’s first World Cup, but it was not able to repeat that success in 1982.

By 1986, the hopes of the Argentina football team rested on the shoulders of Diego Maradona who would turn out to be one of the greatest players to ever set foot on the pitch. Maradona’s heroics in the World Cup matches such as bringing his team from behind to beat Italy in their initial group would pale in comparison to their quarter final match with England.

sexy argentina football fanIn the match, Maradona managed two score two goals within four minutes of each other that have become legendary feats in World Cup history. The first, “The Hand of God” goal was Maradona striking the ball with what turned out to be his left fist, although it was not caught by the referees. The controversy broiled the English players when four minutes later Maradona ran through their entire team to score the “Goal of the Century”, establishing his legend on the pitch. Argentina managed to beat Belgium, then West Germany 3 – 2 in the finals to win their second World Cup competition.

The 1990 World Cup was looking to be a repeat of the 1986 victory with Argentina sweeping into the finals against Germany. However, the Argentina team had numerous injuries, including Maradona and simply could not match up well against the healthy German squad. Despite this, Germany could only score a single goal off of a penalty kick which proved to be enough to give them the win.

Since 1990, Argentina has never seriously threatened to win the World Cup again. Despite continued success in their region, Argentina simply has not gathered the talent to win consistently enough on the World Cup stage. However, they are looking to turn things around for the 2014 World Cup team.

The 2014 Argentina World Cup Team

lionel-messi-world-cup-betThe qualification process for Argentina began with a 4 – 1 win over Chile and hit a rough patch when they drew at home to Venezuela. Concerns about the coaching of Alejandro Sabella who had taken over the team after the 2011 Copa America surfaced at that time, but were quickly quashed when they beat Columbia and began a unbeaten streak that lasted 14 matches where they finished on top of the South American table.

Led by the legendary Lionel Messi on the field, the undisputed leader of the team and winner of many trophies at Barcelona, Messi leads a strong team into the World Cup that has garnered strength in the past few years for its consistent play. Supporting Messi will be some of the more celebrated players in football, including Javier Mascherno, Angel Di Maria and Carlos Tevez. Playing for some of Europe’s best football clubs, these three players in particular look to back Messi as he makes one more run for the World Cup title.

Overall, the Argentina FIFA football team appears very strong and promises to be a potent force when it arrives in Brazil for the start of the tournament. How far it will get will be determined by the health and well being of its players and the tradition that the hope to follow when playing for the title.

Thanks for visiting our site about World Cup Betting 2014. Good Luck!


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England 2014 World Cup Bets

England-Football-World-Cup-OddsThe place where football was born and the oldest football team in the world, England boasts a rich history of football greatness with their Premiere League arguably being the most respected on Earth, however their World Cup history does not match as they only have one title to show for their 13 appearances.

Despite not having as much success in football as they would like, there is no shame to the English record when it comes to fielding great teams and players who have become legends on the pitch over the 150 years that football has been around.

england-rooney-world-cupBelow we highlight some of the odds on the English team, as well as a brief history of football in England and an analysis of the 2014 England team.

The current odds on England to win the World Cup are 28/1. They’re not a favorite, but they are in the top ten according to the bookmakers in England and Las Vegas. If you like them to win, you should bet them now before the tournament starts and they start winning matches.

The odds on England’s first World Cup match are:

Team Point Spread Odds Total Total Odds
England Pick (+110) +200 2 (-110)o
Italy Pick (-130) +140 (-120)u
Draw +210

Italy is favored to win the group, so these odds should not come as a surprise. The fact that England is +200 shows that the online sports books think England matches up well against the Italians.

As we mentioned Italy is favored to win Group D. The odds for the group winner are:

Team Odds
Italy +150
Uruguay +180
England +225
Costa Rica +5000

There is already a prop bet out for the World Cup’s top goal scorer. The odds on England’s players are:

Player Odds
Wayne Rooney (England) 40/1
Daniel Sturridge (England) 66/1
Jermaine Defoe (England) 100/1
Frank Lampard (England) 125/1

Other interesting odds are at what stage of the tournament England will be eliminated:

Round Odds
Group Stage 6/5
2nd Round 5/2
Quarter Finals 4/1
Semi Finals 9/1
Runners Up 20/1
Winners 28/1

And how many total points they will score during the group stage:

Total Points Odds
0 Points 50/1
1 Point 14/1
2 Points 14/1
3 Points 5/1
4 Points 3/1
5 Points 8/1
6 Points 4/1
7 Points 5/1
9 Points 11/1

English Football

The History of the England FIFA Football Team

world-cup-winners-englandWith football beginning in England, the rich history of the sport got off to a strong start in the mid-19th century. By 1872, the first international football match took place between England and Scotland which began international competition in the sport.

Over the next 30 years, England had various matches with Scotland, Ireland and Wales from time to time, but the main focus was on the competition between rival clubs that would help shape the sport as we know it today.

From the turn of the 20th century to World War II, England stuck to playing Scotland, Ireland and Wales mostly because the UK competition was simply tougher and they were more dominant than the other teams, at least for the first 20 to 30 years. In 1906, England had joined FIFA, but their tenure was initially contentious.

By 1928, England had withdrawn from FIFA over a dispute about paying amateur players in the game. Because of this, England did not play in the first three World Cup games, although they did defeat the 1934 Italian World Cup a few months after they won the title. However, the combination of leaving FIFA and World War II meant that England did not participate in a World Cup until 1950.

england_world_cup_betsDespite lofty expectation, England did not fare well in 1950 and actually lost to the United States in their group round which helped in getting them eliminated from the competition when they couldn’t advance out of their group. After regrouping, England did fare better in 1954, making it to the quarterfinals before being eliminated by Uruguay 4 – 2.

Sadly, an air disaster which cost the lives of eight Manchester United players a few months before the World Cup had a devastating impact on both the team itself and the morale of the country. Things didn’t look any better in the 1962 World Cup and it had appeared that the country which invented the sport was now woefully behind the competition.

The 1966 World Cup allowed England to qualify automatically, but the team itself was rather unremarkable when they first took the field. However, they managed to escape their group and make it into the quarterfinals where despite injuries they managed to defeat Argentina and then Portugal before going up against the mighty West German team in the finals.

Geoff Hurst world cupAlthough not at full strength, the English team used an unusual 4-3-3 system which relied more on their midfield players than the wingers. The result was a 4 – 2 win in extra time that featured a hat trick by Geoff Hurst, the only time a player has scored three goals in a final. However, his second goal which bounced down from the crossbar was heavily disputed by the Germans as not actually crossing the goal line. Still, it did count as a goal and that helped lead England to its first and so far only World Cup title.

Although the 1970 team was arguably stronger than the 1966 version, they lost to the West Germans in the quarterfinals due in part to the absence of their main goalkeeper who had been stricken with food poisoning.

The years after the 1970 World Cup have not been so kind to England as they failed to qualify in 1994 and have not progressed very far despite having some of the best players in the world such as David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. In 2002, England fielded a very strong team only to lose to eventual winners Brazil in the quarterfinals.

Overall, English success at the World Cup has been limited to a single appearance, but hopes remain high that their 2014 squad can somehow defy the odds and win another title.

The 2014 English Football Team

To reach the World Cup, England had to defeat a number of opponents along the way in matches that turned out to not be so easy for this veteran team. However, this was more due to the strong competition rather than a lack of performance from the English team. Even though they did not lose a game along the way, England did not win automatic qualification until their final match at Wembley where they managed to defeat Poland with a late goal to secure the qualification. Such heroics may be needed in the World Cup as England will face stiff competition from its own group right off the bat.

england-world-cup-oddsThe most recognizable player on the English squad for the 2014 World Cup will be Wayne Rooney who is reaching the twilight of his career, but is still arguably the most talented player that England offers on its team. Rooney anchors an experienced team of players that also include veterans such as Gerrard and Frank Lampard whose creativity and drive will certainly bolster this team’s efforts as they reach for the finals. In addition, there will be plenty of young talent as well represented by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere and Andros Townsend to name the “Three Lions” who are poised for attack.

In addition, Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge represent the forwards who look to score repeatedly as they take the pitch. The emphasis here will be on the attack to put their opponents on their back foot as much as possible.

england-football-world-cupOverall, the 2014 England FIFA World Cup team may not be one of the favorites, but they are a formidable force that can be quite dangerous if they get past their own group.

While England is not the favorite to win the World Cup, it’s easy to see them going far in the tournament. If you support this country, betting on the team could only add to the thrill of the game. If you’re looking to bet the World Cup online, we’ll soon be posting a list of the best sports book to use when betting on the 2014 World Cup.

No matter who you’re betting on, we hope you enjoy the matches. Good Luck!

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The History of Soccer

the-history-of-soccerSoccer or Football as it is called in many parts of the world goes back thousands of years in our history. While the basic rules of soccer have changed dramatically over this time, the basic tenants of teams moving a ball towards a goal for scoring have remained the same. Soccer is considered one of the most pure team sports in the world thanks to the relatively few rules and simplicity of the game itself. This has no doubt contributed to its popularity as well as making the game itself exciting to watch.

Ancient Forms of Soccer

Arguably the oldest form of soccer can be traced back to Ancient Greece with their game called “Episkyros”. This game involved 12 to 14 players on each team that stood with a white line between them and behind them. Episkyros allowed players to use their hands in throwing the ball over the heads of the opposing team in an effort to force them backwards. The game ended when one team was forced behind their own white line.

Episkyros-soccerEpiskyros was a brutal game, although many women practiced it as well. One of the depictions of Episkyros is a marble relief that shows a player balancing the ball on his thigh while standing on one foot, an image that is reproduced on the European Cup trophy.

There were other ball games that were played by the Greeks as well, but Episkyros survived and was later adopted by the Romans who called the game Harpastum. Little is known about the exact rules of Harpastum, but it apparently was so violent that it was recorded how a spectator suffered a broken leg when the players fought over the ball. This would indicate that the game was arguably more similar to rugby than modern soccer.

After Roman times, the game survived in one form or another through the various European civilizations. But in Asia there were similar games known as “Cuju” in China, “Kemari” in Japan and “Woggabarliri” in Australia. In England however, the stirrings of modern soccer began in the 8th Century with different versions of the game being played across the country. It would take over 1,000 years before soccer would begin to become standardized.

The Cambridge Rules

cambridge_university_soccerIn 1848, Cambridge University took it upon itself to write up the first rules of soccer. The meeting held at Trinity College featured representatives from the nearby schools, including Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Shrewsbury and Winchester. However, the rules were not adopted all around England during this time period. In fact, the formation of the Sheffield Football Club established their own unique set of rules for play of the game.

Thanks to contributions by John Charles Thring and the formation of other soccer teams, this lead to a more formalization of the rules in general. However, a major split developed as two rules, one governing holding the ball by the hands and tripping or tackling an opponent with the ball, divided the groups into two separate sports. In 1871, the Rugby Football Union was formed along with a sport that had separated itself from soccer.

the-fa-cupIn 1872, the first FA Cup was contested by English teams. The FA Cup is the oldest soccer competition in the world today. In the same year, Scotland and England met in the first international soccer match in the city of Glasgow.

Formed in 1886, the International Football Association Board has set up the rules for what we know as modern soccer.  This body was formed after a meeting between several organizations, including the official Irish, Scottish and Wales. The rules that were forged by the IFAB stand as the main tenants of modern soccer as we know them today with some minor modifications along the way.  In 1888, England formed the world’s first official soccer league which included 12 teams, many of which still play today.

The Internationalization of Soccer

Arguably the first major international event that featured soccer was the 1900 Olympic Games. In 1904, the international body known as FIFA was formed in Paris and openly declared it would follow the rules and regulations of soccer as recognized in England. By 1930, FIFA had created the World Cup, a venue in which teams from around the world attempt to qualify for the 32 tournament spots that are played out in a selected country.

sexy_soccer_hottiesOver the 20th Century, soccer leagues have formed around the world to play this simple, remarkable game. The success of soccer may be attributed in part to the simplicity of the equipment itself as only a ball and goals are needed for anyone to play. This is one reason why soccer has developed such a large following in developing countries where the people have few resources.

Today, millions of the people around the world either attend or watch professional soccer matches and follow their favorite teams. In fact, soccer has the highest television audience for any sport in the world and over 240 million people play soccer either as professionals, amateurs or as simply play. There is little doubt that soccer brings about great passion and devotion to the teams from individual fans, communities and even nation states.

The 1969 conflict between El Salvador and Honduras was sparked by a soccer match after years of building tensions. Plus, tensions in Yugoslavia were heightened in 1990 after a match between Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade became a riot. However, the Cote d’Ivoire National Football Team actually helped secure a truce to the civil war that was raging across the nation in 2006 and helped to actually bring both sides together over the years.

world-cup-betsToday, soccer is certainly the most popular sport in the world with fans that number in the billions. The World Cup which is held every four years is considered one of the seminal sporting events with only the Olympics rivaling it in terms of interest. There is little doubt that the interest in soccer will continue to grow and expand as people around the world play, watch and support this remarkable game.

If you’re interested in betting on the World Cup, you’re in the right place. We’re your source for Brazil World Cup bets. We have a list of odds and prop bets that you can make. And soon we’ll be posting our list of the best sports books to use to bet the World Cup. Good Luck!

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Sports Betting in the United States

world-cup-betsOnline sports betting hold the major share of gambling round the world. Online betting is one of the best ways to save time and money while betting in a professional way. It lets you place your bets anytime and from anywhere in the world. Do you know? The booming industry of U.S. Online Sports Betting has been the target of world’s biggest sports betting sites since years. That’s why; American bettors have a plethora of betting sites to choose the best option.

Without a single doubt, Online Sports Betting is a recession free industry. This is because, bettors love wagering over World Wide Web because they have every possible advantage to win their bet. Betting websites earn significant profits at the end of day. And with USA World Cup Bets, this billion dollar industry is continuing to grow.

In online sports betting, you are handing over your credit card or bank information to an internet based website. So, you have to be clear on what and how you are actually betting. Here are the various types of bets to place 

World-Cup-Soccer-BettingStraight bets– These bets are placed against the spread. The spread or line is a positive whole number (usually) assigned to favor the under-dog in a particular match. It assigns negative sign behind the same number to the match favorites. For example-

Alveiro Rogers Vs. Liverpool

If Alveiro Rogers are the favorites then Spread Line read would be like this

Alveiro Rogers -3 and Liverpool +3.

Your bet on Alveiro Rogers would win only if they beat Liverpool by at least 4 points.

Proposition bets – Known as prop bets for short, these types of bets are based entirely on the outcome of a match. Like betting on the number of goals that you expect your favorite team will score in a handball match.

USA-Soccer-BetsParlays– This type of wagering involves multiple bets. Example- In a four-team parlays you should place 4 different wagering amounts. The catch of the bet is that either you win all the four bets or you lose the parlay and all the four amounts.

Today, betting is practiced in almost all parts of the world in one or the other way. Legality is a serious issue that limits the extent of online sports betting.

World Cup IBet – The real part of betting comes with a risk of losing and pleasure of winning. Choosing a safe, secure and legitimate sports betting website is a very important decision. Please make sure that you play responsibly.

US FIFA World Cup Team Prepares for Brazil

usa_soccer_world_cup_bettingWith just a couple of months to go before the staging of the biggest event in football, and the US FIFA World Cup Team is anxiously preparing to show the world what they are capable of. They are currently ranked 13th in the world and had nine appearances in the tournament.

The US Soccer first qualified for the tournament in 1930, and they finished in third place, the best for any team not coming from South America or Europe. Then four years later they were eliminated in the first round. The team made the biggest upset in World Cup history when they beat England in 1950. Then it took the country forty years to return to the tournament in 1990 but didn’t manage to stay after the first round.

us-soccer-world-cupThey hosted to the tournament in 1994 and reached the knockout stages. This was the start of more good performances for the team. In France 1998, they finished last but came back strong in the next World Cup when they beat Mexico and Portugal in Japan/Korea 2002. They could have entered the semis if they won over Germany. In 2006, they were eliminated in the first round and reached the round of 16 in 2010.

The US World Cup Team’s road to Brazil 2014 had a bad start when they lost to Honduras at the final round of qualifying. But the team managed to pull through and finished first in the CONCACAF zone where they won seven of the ten games and a tournament high of 15 goals while conceding eight. It looks like German head coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s system is working well for the squad.

usa-soccer-fans-betsDuring the qualifying tournament, Jozy Altidore showed why he deserved to be on the US FIFA World Cup Team. Coach Kilnsmann benched him in the semi-final round due to the attitude and poor form, but the coach reconsidered and let him in the game. The Sunderland player scored goals with ease and played flawless football with Clint Dempsey in the front. Landon Donovan has returned from his sabbatical and has been playing well with Michael Bradley in the middle. Goalkeeper Tim Howard is a force to be reckoned with once the action gets to his area.

To prepare for the World Cup Finals, the US team has booked friendlies with Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Nigeria. The three matches will be played in 12 across the United States. This will help the US Soccer Team to be prepared of the travel and scheduling they will face in this year’s tournament. After the match with Nigeria, the team will fly out to Brazil and start their training at the Sao Paulo FC’s field.


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Portugal World Cup Betting

las-vegas-world-cup-betsThe FIFA World Cup is one of the most prestigious titles that a national team can have. It’s no wonder that football teams from all the globe try to achieve great results in this tournament. In this article we will talk about Portugal, the team they will use at the World Cup this year and World Cup betting in general.

You should be aware that Portugal is one of the most important teams in the tournament. It has reached the group stage, in which it will compete with Germany, Portugal, USA and Ghana. This is one of the hardest groups in the whole tournament.

Although the full team is still being established, and the tournament will start in a few months, there are some safe bets when it comes to the team. First of all, Cristiano Ronaldo, Postiga, Varela are some of then forwards that will be used in the matches.

The goalkeeper may be Rui Patricio, although names like Eduardo or Martins will surely be taken into account. When it comes to the defenders, the team will have a very solid defense, thanks to the great skill of players like Ricardo Costa, Pepe, Pereira, Alves or Lopes. Midfielders are very important as well in the upcoming matches, and names like Josue, Nani, Meireles, Micael or Carvalho will surely highlight Portugal’s matches.

cristiano-ronaldo-world-cup-betsPortugal’s coach is Paulo Benta, a former midfielder that is now 44 years old. He lead the team to the Euro 2012 Semi-Finals, and will try to reach the finals this year, or even win it. The captain of this team is Cristiano Ronaldo, a fabulous player that has helped his national team win with his many goals.

One of the most important stars in the team is also Bruno Alves, the most experienced player in the defense, that will try to make it impossible for the other teams to reach the goalkeeper.

When it comes to tactics, Portugal uses a pure 4-3-3, which helps Cristiano Ronaldo leave his left wing position to everywhere he wants, so he can reach the gate and score. The plan created by the coach, most of the time, is to keep the attention on Ronaldo, and also use the other players to help him, by strengthening defense.

world-cup-soccer-oddsAs you can see, Portugal has a very good team this year, and the FIFA World Cup 2014 may very well prove to be one of the best ever, thanks to this national. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Portugal is expected to advance from Group G, this year’s “Group of Death” (called this because it has so many good teams that it will be the hardest to advance from). Germany is one of the favorites to win the entire tournament, and the USA and Ghana are very good teams too. Portugal should advance from the group stage, but never know what can happen. They can even win the group! If you want to bet on Portugal to win their World Cup group, the odds are +275 which are very good odds on a team as strong as the Portuguese team is.

Team Odds
Germany -180
Portugal +275
USA +1000
Ghana +1200

I’ve spent some time in the Ironbound District in Newark, NJ, and I know which team they will be rooting for. Even through Newark is in the US, the Iron Bound district is most made up of people of Portuguese descent. Restaurants and store fronts are often in Portuguese, and the locals speak Portuguese to each other as if it was the local language. If you’re in the New York / New Jersey area, and you’re rooting for Portugal to win the World Cup, do yourself a favor and watch a game in the Ironbound district. You’ll be happy that you did.


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