Nigerian FIFA World Cup team

best world cup betsIf you’re looking for a good bet on the 2014 World Cup, Nigeria might be of interest. They’re in Group F, up against Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran. While Nigeria is the 3rd favorite to win the group, if Argentina doesn’t win, it’s really a coin toss between the Nigerian team and Bosnia. Iran has no chance.

That said, if you don’t like Argentina to win the group, I would throw my money on Nigeria. They have longer odds than Bosnia, and they are just as good. They could make for one the best world cup best available.

These are the odds for the winner of Group F.

Team Odds
Argentina -400
Bosnia-Herzegovina +600
Nigeria +800
Iran +3300

nigeria betting oddsThe FIFA World Cup tournament is a worldwide celebration of soccer which millions across the globe await eagerly for. Scheduled to be held from June 12 to July 13 this year, the most famous soccer tournament will be hosted by Brazil this year which has made some heavy duty, grand preparations to welcome various soccer teams around the world. While countries such as Spain, Brazil and Argentina are renowned for achieving meteoric success and worldwide support in this tournament, the teams of other countries have also been making steady progress in the show of their sporting skills over the years. While people literally had expectations from 3rd world countries such as Nigeria, such nations have actually proved their mettle and are well on their way to join the rankings of the top winning countries of the world.  The Nigerian FIFA World Cup team is all set to battle it out with other nations and how!

A little background about the unique story of progress of this country

nigeria world cup betsSince Nigeria is an under developed nation, it joined the FIFA World Cup bandwagon rather late in the day and its steady climb towards success has thus been all the more surprising as they managed to do quite well despite not having access to basic amenities and sports tools required for soccer players to practice with. The Nigerian FIFA World Cup team made an impressive debut in the 1994 edition of the tournament and followed it up with an equally thrilling performance in the following 1998 season. However their game has been a bit dicey as well since then, they have been eliminated at the group stage three times and managed to achieve a mere two points during their last eight matches in the finals. In the most recent season of the FIFA World Cup that was held in 2010 in South Africa a vague campaign under Lars Lagerback was expected to help give a boost to Nigeria’s soccer reputation which unfortunately didn’t happen and thus, all hopes are now pinned on the Brazil 2014 season to make the reigning African champions make their mark as excellent soccer players. Some of the best Nigerian soccer players to have done well in the FIFA World Cup have been Jay Jay OkochaNwankwo Kanu and Rashidi Yekini. The country’s best FIFA performances have been in the FIFA World Cup USA 1994, France 1998 (Round of 16), FIFA China Under 17 World Cup 1985, Japan 1993, Korea Republic 2007, Olympic Football Tournament Atlanta 1996 (Winners), FIFA Saudi Arabia Under 20 World Cup 1989 and Netherlands 2005 (Runners-up).

The current scenario

FBL-AFR-2013-MLI-NGA-MATCH29The Nigerian FIFA World Cup team was drawn in Group F along with Malawi, Kenya and Namibia wherein they emerged as the common favorites to reach the final play-off round of qualifying. The team is headed by Coach Stephen Keshi, who managed to get them to win the 2013 edition of the CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

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