Mexico’s FIFA World Cup Team

I don’t know about you but when I think of Futbol (Soccer in the U.S.) I think of Mexico and what is possibly one of the most dedicated, diehard teams that the world has ever seen.

mexico-world-cup-betsWe all know that the franchise has seen some dark times, especially in its early years when Mexico was disqualified from FIFA 1990 World Cup for using players beyond that of the age limit allowed by FIFA. Mexico of course bounced back after some controversy and was able to return to the World Cup on several occasions since then.

One of those occasions was in the year of 1993 when Mexico Faced Argentina, and although the Latino country didn’t win the tournament they were still able to take second against the top dogs in the Copa America.

world-cup-soccer-betsMuch of this success can be attributed to the hiring of coach Cesar Louis Menotti, who due to his vast experience and dedication was able to help Mexicos FIFA team find much international success and become top contenders for several World Cups to come.
Mexicos FIFA World Cup Team in the 21st Century

After facing an extremely difficult qualifying campaign for the World Cup in 2002, Mexico finally was able to reach the finals and found themselves placed in group G with other Powerful Franchises such as Italy, Croatia, and Ecuador. During this tournament Mexico started with a 1-0 win over Croatia. During the following match Mexico Took Ecuador in a 2-1 win. And in the second round Mexico played their continental rivals the United States but unfortunately losing 2-0 in a somewhat controversial game where the Mexican Captain was kicked off the field for a vicious foul against another United States Player.

mexico-world-cup-girlsMexico became one of eight seeded teams in the first round at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. This was only the second time that a team was seeded who was a not a hosting CONCACAF nation. Mexico was place in D Group and took the first win against Iran 3-1. The second round ended in a 0-0 draw and against Angola and the Mexican FIFA World Cup Soccer Team ended up in round 16 alongside Portugal despite taking a loss against them of 2-1.

All in all the Mexican Franchise has seen its ups and downs in the ways of success. But the Mexico FIFA World Cup team has proven again and again that it is a top contender to the Cup and can and will hold its own as a International Sports team.

Mexico is currently 100/1 to win the World Cup. They have long odds, so if you like them, I would bet on them before the tournament starts. Once they start winning, their odds will only drop.

At these odds if you bet $100 on Mexico, and they win, you’ll win $10,000. Not too shabby. Good Luck!

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