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mexico-world-cup-2014Mexico has a very proud tradition of football and even though they have yet to win a World Cup, they are considered a very formidable team that has enjoyed a number of accomplishments over the years. Mexico has won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2012 and the 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup as well, being one of only seven countries to accomplish winning two out of the three major international football tournaments.

Qualifying for 14 World Cups and doing so consecutively since 1994, Mexico is only one of three teams that has made it out from the group stage in the last five events. However, the accomplishments of Mexico over the years go back beyond their first World Cup appearance in 1930 to a rather humble beginning as a sport brought over by Europeans. It is true that Mexico has transformed the sport of football into one of their own thanks to the talent, determination and drive of their national teams.

This year Mexico is in Group A with Brazil, Croatia and Cameroon. Brazil is favored to win the group (and the entire World Cup), so we don’t recommend betting on Mexico to win Group A. We do like Mexico to advance from the group stage, so the best bet on Mexico might be to bet them to advance. The odds for both bets are listed below.

Odds to win Group A

Team Odds
Brazil -450
Croatia +750
Mexico +750
Cameroon +2500

And our best bet on Mexico for the World Cup

Will Mexico Qualify From Their Group? Odds
Yes +110
No -140

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The History of the Mexican National Football Team

World Cup IbetFootball was not organized in Mexico until the early part of the 20th century when European immigrants such as miners from the English city of Cornwall brought the sport over to the country. From these beginnings, Mexico managed to form a rag-tag national team and even won their very first match against Guatemala in 1923. Four years later, Mexico expanded their reach in international friendly competition and even tie Spain 3 – 3 before losing to Uruguay 1 – 3.

In 1927, Mexico established an official governing sport for their football team and managed to make an appearance in the 1928 Summer Olympics, although their debut was not a successful one. However, two years later Mexico did participate in the first ever FIFA World Cup and unfortunately did not make it out of the group stage. However, they did make the first penalty kick ever in FIFA World Cup competition.

world cup prop bets 2014It was not until 1950 that Mexico returned to World Cup action, although they were still not very successful. About the only distinction during that time was goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal being the first player ever to appear in five World Cups. In fact, it would not be until 20 years later when Mexico hosted the FIFA World Cup would they advance past the opening group and all the way to the quarter final stage before getting beat by Italy 4 – 1.

After failing to qualify for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, Mexico stormed back with a vengeance in 1978 by making it all the way to the finals before losing to Argentina. Unfortunately, Mexico could not maintain any momentum and failed to qualify for the 1982 World Cup. However, they earned automatic qualification in 1986 when they hosted the World Cup once again and made it to the quarter finals before losing to West Germany in a penalty shootout.

The low point for the Mexican national team was reached in 1989 when players over the age limit were on their FIFA Youth World Championship team. The penalty prevented Mexico from qualifying for the next FIFA World Cup or Olympic Games.

World Cup BettingHowever, after the punishment was inflicted, Mexico actually made a very strong return to the FIFA World Cup scene thanks to a change in leadership. The 1994 World Cup team consisted of having great players and managed to get out of their very difficult group only to lose to Bulgaria in the second round on penalty kicks.

Mexico easily qualified for the 1998 World Cup only to lose to Germany in the second round. By 2002, the qualifying was more difficult, but they managed to get in again and escape group play once more only to be defeated by the US team 2 – 0 in a very controversial game.

In 2006, Mexico managed to get out of a good, but unspectacular group again only to lose to Argentina in extra time 2 – 1 in a heartbreaking loss. Making it into the 2010 World Cup by defeating El Salvador, Mexico managed to make it out of a tough group again and Javier Hernandez became the first Mexican player ever to score in three World Cup events. However, they just barely made it out of their group before facing Argentina in the second round and losing 1 – 3.

The proud history of the Mexican team in FIFA competition has served them well, particularly with their 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup Championship. However, they are still reaching for a World Cup title which they have only been near once in their long, proud history of competition.

The 2014 Mexico FIFA World Cup Team

Mexico World Cup BetsAfter winning Olympic Gold in 2012, the Mexican team has struggled to reach the 2014 World Cup by winning only two of ten matches in the fourth round. However, they did qualify for an intercontinental playoff thanks to the United States beating Panama in the final round. Mexico then defeated New Zealand to reach their sixth World Cup.

This rugged road to the World Cup was a series of emotional events for a team that originally had high expectations. Given the sheer number of setbacks and changes over the past year, it will be difficult to predict just how the Mexican team will fare in this World Cup competition. However, Mexico can count on Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, Giovani dos Santos and Andres Guardado to lead the team into the competition.

Mexico World Cup OddsHowever, there are also plenty of young players waiting to take the field as well, such as Oribe Peralta, Carlos Pena and Raul Jimenez just to name three. Youth may be well served in getting Mexico out of their current group which is not frightful, but considering Mexico’s level of play may just be enough to cause them real trouble.

There is little doubt that Mexico will have to play considerably better than it did during the qualifying rounds in order to make a sixth appearance in the second round of the World Cup. However, the talent, drive and determination will certainly pay dividends as they enter the 2014 World Cup competition.

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