Honduras’s FIFA World Cup team

honduras-world-cup-bettingSoccer fans worldwide are waiting with bated breath for the FIFA World Cup 2014 that is just around the corner. All set to unfold from June 12 to July 13 in Brazil, this global soccer tournament that occurs once in 4 years is followed religiously by millions who have countless hopes pinned with each of the teams that they support. While Latin American and European countries usually manage to bring the cups home, among the most promising countries that is emerging as a popular favorite among bookies as well as the common viewers for achieving victory in this year’s FIFA World Cup is Honduras. This country is currently gripped feverishly by the FIFA World Cup mania and the sport is no less than a religion wherein every child plays soccer and aspires to play at the international level. Many world-cup-odds-las-vegaspeople around the world assume that the main source of revenue for an exotic and exciting country like Honduras must be through tourism but it is actually soccer that brings in the majority of the money. For the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 season, there are major hopes from the Honduras’s soccer team which has boasted of well-known alumni players such as Amado Guevara, Carlos Pavón and Danny Turcios. As far as major wins in the FIFA World Cup are concerned, the country displayed its most spectacular performances in the FIFA World Cup Spain 1982 season and the South Africa 2010 season during the group stages.

A little history about the historic performances of this country

Honduras-fubol-betsHonduras has always been one to give exceptional performances and during the FIFA World Cup Spain 1982 season, when the country retuned back to playing the tournament after a whole 3 decades, it faced stiff competition from South Africa. The Honduran team opened the tournament with a score of 1-0 loss to Chile and thereafter had to bear the brunt of tournament top-scorer David Villa who managed to grab both the goals in Spain’s 2-0 win. In the country’s second and only other FIFA World Cup appearance, Jose de La Paz took on the task of coaching the team and made the Honduras play towards obtaining an opening 1-1 draw with Spain, the host country of the 1982 tournament. It was the same score again when the match was played out against Northern Ireland. However, unfortunately for the dedicated Honduran team, their campaign was short lived as it got done at the group stage following Yugoslavia’s 1-0 win over Los Catrachos owing to a late goal.

Current scenario of the Hondurans

bet-the-world-cup-in-las-vegasHeaded by Coach Luis Fernando Suarez, the Honduran team is hoping to create history in Brazil this year. With its battery of talented soccer gems such as Left-back Emilio Izaguirre who played incredibly well in the Scottish Premier League Player of the Year in the 2010/2011 season of the tournament. Carlo Costly is another player to watch out for and up and coming star players such as Jerry Bengtson who showed impressive sporting skills in various international tournaments are keeping Hondurans on their toes about the hopeful victory of the country.

Odds for Group E Winner

Team Odds
France -125
Switzerland +250
Ecuador +350
Honduras +3300

As you can see, Honduras has long odds to win the group. France is the clear cut favorite at -125. The second favorite in the group, and the other team most likely to advance is Switzerland. Ecuador also boasts a very good team… All this means that it will be very difficult for Honduras to make it past the group stage. This is why their odds are +3300.

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