History of the FIFA World Cup Team in Colombia

Colombia is not only home to several awesome tourist destinations; this country likewise nurtured one of the toughest National Football Teams. The Colombia FIFA World Cup Team currently ranks 6th in the Elo World Rankings and 5th in the FIFA World. Colombia marked many unforgettable moments throughout football history. During the 1962 FIFA World Cup, former midfielder Marcos Coll scored an Olympic goal against the USSR team. It can be recalled that said match started with a 4-0 score with Colombia’s pride hanging in the balance, but it made a spectacular come back finishing the match in a 4-4 draw.


Since the mid-80s, the Colombia National Football team maintained its stronghold, fighting all the negative stereotypes that were hurled towards the nation’s reputation. This scenario actually made this particular sport extremely popular, and it has also made the Colombia FIFA national team a symbol of passion, pride, and nationalism for many Colombians throughout the world.

The FIFA World Cup Team in Colombia reached its strongest point during the 90s. This was the time when the team was included among the giants in the football world. In 1993, Colombia FIFA team marked an end to the rivalry between Colombia and Argentina when it dominated its opponent in a 5-0 match. The rivalry between the two nations ended and mutual respect ensued. In a 1995 match against the powerful team from England, Colombia’s goalkeeper Rene Higuita rose to glory and was famed for his eccentric scorpion kick.

colomboa-aguila-girlsAnother Colombian FIFA goal player, Oscar Cordoba was known to be the first and only player in history who was able to maintain a clean and perfect sheet during the 2001 Copa America. Faustino Asprilla and Carlos Valderrama were also included in the list of stars that made the Colombian team shine brighter. During this particular era, the FIFA team qualified for the 1998, 1994 and 1990 World Cup, but they only reached the second round during the 1990 playoffs.

Colombia’s football strategies did not seem to hold between the years 2002 to 2010 because the team suffered more than three World Cup cycles. It would seem that the strength that was shown during the 90s ceased. The team failed to qualify for the World Cup during these years. After the demise of Andres Escobar in 1994, Colombia’s golden years in the World Cup started to fade. This has certainly brought a decade of suffering and disappointment on the part of the entire team.

Colombia-world-cup-jerseyIt’s a good thing that this special “strength” began to burn during the FIFA World Cup in 2014. The Colombian team played with vigor, and the new and talented members brought the team to where it rightfully belongs – the top 10. The golden generation has finally emerged, and for the very first time since 2002, Colombia felt proud and mighty after the sudden display of strength and vigor coming from its FIFA team.

Nearly ten years since the previous golden age of Colombian football, the team is back into the top 5. Colombia finally returned and qualified to join the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

If you want to bet on Colombia to win the World Cup, it’s current odds are 22/1. They’re also the favorite to win Group C.

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group C Winner 

Team Odds
Colombia -150
Ivory Coast +400
Japan +450
Greece +900
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