History of Chile’s FIFA World Cup

chile-world-cup-oddsEven though there is an actual record of the results of the Chilean national football team at the FIFA world cup online, there are still a few things to be mentioned. This team is one that has had a long and storied history as one of the top football teams operating in Latin America. With fans all over the planet, few teams can compare in scope and skill with the Chilean national football team.

The Federación de Fútbol de Chile is the second oldest South American football federation with an astonishing 112 years of existence thus far. It was founded back in June 19, 1895 at the port city of Valparaiso and its first President was Mr. David Scott. Chile was one of four founding member nations of CONMEBOL along with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay who altogether established the South American footballing organization on July 9, 1916. Those four original associations enacted and participated in the first ever South American Championship which would later be named the Copa America. This historic event would set the stage for a revolution in South American football that would be felt for generations of people to come.

chilean-girl-world-cup-2014The national team has actually made it to the first round of the FIFA world cup quite a few times. In 1930 in Uruguay, in 1950 in Brazil, in 1966 in England, in 1974 in Germany and in 1982 in Spain. A string of victories such as this has led to an intense respect and admiration for the Chilean national football team.

Other than that the team has also withdrew out of the 1934 and 1938 tournaments which were held in Italy and France accordingly and has not qualified for several others including the 1954 cup in Switzerland, the 1958 cup in Sweden, the 1970 cup in Mexico, the 1978 cup in Argentina, the 1990 cup in Italy, the 2002 cup in Korea/Japan and the 2006 cup in Germany.

It has made it to the rounds of 16 in the years 1998 in France and 2010 in South Africa though and its most successful run-up was when it actually got third place in the 1962 cup which was held in Chile itself.

The team has also been banned from the 1994 cup in the U.S. which was due to the fact that Roberto Antonio “Cóndor” Rojas Saavedra (born August 8, 1957, in Santiago) who is now a retired Chilean Football goalkeeper, deliberately injured himself back in 1989 on the field in an attempt to avoid a loss by the Chilean national team. The incident also resulted in a lifetime ban for Rojas along with the World Cup ban for the national team of Chile.

chile-2014-fifa-world-cup-betsNow the national team of Chile is preparing for 2014 since it qualified for the cup and we have to only wait and see how the team will do this in this cup! Many fans are titillated by the prospects of a Chilean victory and believe that 2014 could be a major year for the Chilean national football team.


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