Frank Ribery Says France is Going Out To Win The World Cup

france_world_cup_bets15 years ago when you mentioned the name France in the terms of football, most opposing fans would start shaking at their knees, hoping their national team would not have to play them, but since Zinedine Zidane hung up his football boots, the French national team has sadly gone down hill like a roller coaster and is no longer seen as a serious threat. The French national team have become the under performers of the major tournaments which 15 years ago that would have been unimaginal.

With the French team being less of a threat nowadays, when it comes to betting, more people are putting their money on France to win with bookmakers giving great odds. Fans of the French national team still believe there is hope, they believe that France can become great again at the Brazil world cup and it seems Franck Ribery is the driving force behind that hope.

Franck_Ribéry_World_CupFranck Ribery believes his team have a real chance, he believes there could be a huge shock at the Brazil World Cup and that shock is France turning back history and winning the World Cup, making many betting fans very rich.

The legend wants to show the younger generation of players at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil that France can once again take center stage, he wants to show the kids of the future that France are the team to be afraid of. Will he do it, many football experts believe he will and believe he has the experience and skill to put energy back into the French National Team and bring them out fighting.

One team that is still afraid of France is England, the UK national team are not scared of many teams but when it comes to France and Germany, the England Players go out there knowing they have to play for their lives to battle through but when it comes to other teams in the World Cup, France has a lot of work to do to put the frighteners on them.

france_girl_world_cupSome bookmakers have already put it to bed that France will not win the World Cup while other bookmakers are being a bit cautious with their odds, but no matter what the opposing teams think and what the bookmakers thinks, one man believes this year is the year that France as a nation can celebrate, and that person is the legend, Frank Ribery.

The current odds on France to win the World Cup are 20/1. If you like them to take the title, we suggest that you bet them before the tournament starts. Once the French start winning, their odds are going to shrink, and you will not be able to bet them at this price again.

France is in Group E, and they are expected to win their group. If you want to bet on this group, the odds are below. Good luck!

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group E Winner

County Odds
France -125
Switzerland +250
Ecuador +350
Honduras +3300
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