France 2018 FIFA World Cup Team

world cup bettingFrance has a solid World Cup Team. They are one of the favorites to win the tournament, and they are expected to win their group.

Their first match is vs Peru on June 21st.

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FIFA World Cup 2018: To Win Group C

Country Odds
France 1.3
Denmark 5.5
Peru 11
Australia 15

The French Team

The 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia is just around the corner. As far as France team is concerned, we all know that France football team is loaded with talent. Needless to say, many people are betting on them.

world cup bettingDidier Deschamps, the boss of the French football team, has recently declared the list of players that are going to play on 2018 FIFA World Cup. Included in this list are the eight stars from reading Madrid Strikers and Manchester United Winger. France just qualified as a group that will participate in World Cup 2018. They secured their position in the World Cup by scoring 13 points. Although there is a little difference in the pints of France and Sweden, team France has managed to enter the among the qualifying groups.

Starting from the top, France has some amazing youngsters in the line in the form of Kylian Mbappe and Moussa Dembele. Moussa Dembele has made a move from Celtic. He is making goals for trophies at the rate of 85 at the age of 25. While Kylian Mbappe is arguably the crown jewel of the last FIFA world cup. He goals at the rate of 89 at only the age of 23. He is linking up with some amazing players, so he has his place in the French squad. Between these two, Kylian Mbappe and Moussa Dembele, Kylian Mbappe would be the golden boy who will act as the starting striker. He could be the most exciting player, so it would be great fun watching the whole tournament.

Moving down from the top, the second striker would be Antoine Griezmann. He is surprisingly able to maintain his rate at 89 at the age of just 28. He is very consistent with his performance. Another viable option for France football team is Nabil Fekir who is a new start in the team. He seems to peak at 86 overall, but no doubt he will be an important player for the team. Griezmann gets the knot here, and he will probably play slightly behind Mbappe. In this way, we will get to see the ball ends up at the young striker and brilliant movements that he will create for us.

world cup bettingWhen we switch to the left side of the pitch, it will be absolutely stacked with great players. Kingsley Coman has insane statistics. The acceleration rate is 98, sprint speed 99 and dribbling 93. Overall the rate is 87. This 26-year player statistics have already reached 88. He is not chosen for the left side, but he will be spotted on the right or will play more role in the center of the football ground. The right side of the attack is considered as one of the uneasiness decisions of the French Football team boss. Therefore, only the role of Kingsley Coman will be prominent in this area.

The left side of the attack will have to go to Anthony Marshall. Manchester United kept hold of this promising player who had an average statistic of 90 last year. Plus, he is safe and has got some time playing with Mbappe. This thing will help both of them for playing for their national team.

When we move into the center of the midfield, there is another group that rich in talent. Right now, out of the six members of the central field, only four are confirmed while the space of 2 players is still empty. Here, among the four selected players, France team got Paul Pogba at 94 overall, making him one of the best and the safest players. Among other three selected players are Thomas Lemar with an overall average of 87, Corentin Tolisso with an overall average of 88 and Adrien Rabiot is another important player in the center of the ground.

Adrien Rabiot is considered as the arm of the team captain with an overall average rate of 88. This average makes him one of the world’s most credible mid ground fielders. Players like, Paul Pogba, Thomas Lemar, Adrien Rabiot and Corentin Tolisso all have an average above 85. Therefore, definitely, the whole French team is looking forward to their amazing performances.

Bet on World Cup

Overall, it seems like France is ready to fight for the FIFA World Cup trophy with full zeal and zest. It’s time to place a bet on this team!

The reflection of each member of the team will be able to create a great difference in the overall performance of the team. After careful selection of the members, the French team boss Didier Deschamps is looking very confident and positive for the World Cup.

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