ESPN to show all Euro 2012 matches in the United States

Thank you ESPN. This shows how much more popular soccer is in America now then it was 4 years ago.

This will be the best coverage that the UEFA European Football Championship has ever received in the United States. ESPN will carry 22 of the matches live, and ESPN2 will show 9 games. ESPN Deportes (the Spanish ESPN) will show 27 live games with the other four on taped delay.

Of course you can bet on any of these games, and the fact that you can now watch these matches live in America would probably mean that more Americans will be betting on these games. The first 2 games are on June 8th, and both will be aired live on ESPN and ESPN Deportes. They are:

Fri, June 8, 12 p.m., Poland vs. Greece
Poland +110
Greece +240
Draw +220

Fri, June 8, 2:45 p.m., Russia vs. Czech Republic, ESPN
Russia +110
Czech Republic +240
Draw +225

Poland and Russia are slight favorites, but no one considers these games to be a lock. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either Greece or Crech Republic to pull off an upset. At those odds, both of them could make an interesting bet.

Of course you’ll probably want to bet these at an online sportsbook. Most good online sportsbooks are based in Europe, so I’m sure that they’ll take a lot of bets on the EURO 2012, way more than Las Vegas. That said, online sportsbook will probably have up to the date odds that the onshore sportsbooks in Vegas. They’ll probably offer better odds, more bets on the games and higher limits.

Speaking of Las Vegas, I wonder how they are going to treat these soccer games… These will be played in the middle of the Summer, so the only real competition these games will have are with MLS and baseball. And you figure that most MLS fans will probably watch at least one of these soccer games.

On a side note, Major League Soccer starts this week! We’re really looking forward to this season. Basketball and hockey are boring, so we can’t wait until soccer starts.

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