England’s World Cup Odds and Bets

While England has history, tradition, and it’s love of football on its side, it does not go into the 2018 World Cup on a good note. They were eliminated in the group stage during the 2014 World Cup and were smacked by Iceland in the Round of 16 at the 2016 Euro. The squad that England will take into the World Cup this year is young and not so experienced.  But if they play up to their talents, they should redeem the team from their previous World Cup performance.

Qualifying Rounds

England managed to look strong, if not so spectacular when advancing into the World Cup this year. Taking what most people thought was a young team through the qualification process until they managed to complete their journey. While England appears to have some growing to do, it is clear that the team has grown considerably since it’s 2014 World Cup elimination.

Players to Watch

Jack Wilshere: One area that England will need to improve if England hopes to make it out of the group stage. Wilshere is a midfielder who will make a difference in terms of keeping the ball in play and taking advantage of the opportunities to present itself.

Marcus Rashford: This winger, along with Raheem Sterling, have managed to make a powerful impression while playing in the EPL. Marcus’ true strength is his versatility, meaning that when advancing or defending, he’s been able to adapt quickly to the fluidity of the game. It also helps that he is extremely confident which will only boost the chances that England has this year.

Harry Kane: It might be said that the fortunes of England rest on the incredible abilities of Kane, a striker who has scored a remarkable 12 goals in only 23 contests on the team. His scoring abilities when playing in the Premier League and Champions League notwithstanding, there is little doubt that Kane will anchor the team’s chances of winning in Russia this year.

In addition to the three players to watch, the defense of England will be of major concern as it has been lagging in its development. Kyle Walker and John Stones will anchor the defense, so they will need to step up if England hopes to keep their opponents contained.

Bet the World Cup

England has better odds than Portugal to win the World Cup, but their odds still aren’t very good (depending how you look at them). If you think England has a shot to win the whole thing, their current odds of 18/1 look pretty awesome. This would be an excellent time to bet!

On the other hand, if you look to the bookmakers to see if a team has a shot or not, the picture isn’t as good. While they are still in the top 10 favorites to win the tournament, both Belgium and Argentina are favored over them.

England is in Group G and opens the World Cup against Tunisia (a match they should easily win). Unfortunately, they will also have to face Belgium who is the favorite of the group. The good news for England is that Panama is the fourth team in Group G, so England has a very good chance to qualify and move on. The current odds for England to get out of the group stage is 1.1-1. While these odds may be very low, this may still be worth a bet as it could be very easy money to win.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Qualify Group G

Country Odds
Belgium 1.07
England 1.1
Tunisia 5.5
Panama 10

If you’re a fan of England, and want to bet the World Cup, this may be the easiest bet to win. But if you’re looking for better odds, you can always bet them to win the World Cup outright. Either way, betting on the World Cup is always the right call!

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Chances of Winning

Bet World CupAlthough quite young, England does bring a team that is also quite formidable. The duo of Kane and Alli, who play together on the Spurs, means that there is some chemistry present to create some scoring opportunities. Add to this the talent on the bench and overall enthusiasm which is a potent force that is peaking at the right time.

One intangible that England brings is their coach, Gareth Southgate. His relative inexperience coaching on the international scene may be a positive since he’s shown the ability to make bold decisions. And England will need bold decisions to be made if they are going to advance out of the group stage. Chances are, this team will not reach the semifinals, but any showing that is more impressive than their 2014 appearance will be considered a remarkable improvement.

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