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England-Football-World-Cup-OddsThe place where football was born and the oldest football team in the world, England boasts a rich history of football greatness with their Premiere League arguably being the most respected on Earth, however their World Cup history does not match as they only have one title to show for their 13 appearances.

Despite not having as much success in football as they would like, there is no shame to the English record when it comes to fielding great teams and players who have become legends on the pitch over the 150 years that football has been around.

england-rooney-world-cupBelow we highlight some of the odds on the English team, as well as a brief history of football in England and an analysis of the 2014 England team.

The current odds on England to win the World Cup are 28/1. They’re not a favorite, but they are in the top ten according to the bookmakers in England and Las Vegas. If you like them to win, you should bet them now before the tournament starts and they start winning matches.

The odds on England’s first World Cup match are:

Team Point Spread Odds Total Total Odds
England Pick (+110) +200 2 (-110)o
Italy Pick (-130) +140 (-120)u
Draw +210

Italy is favored to win the group, so these odds should not come as a surprise. The fact that England is +200 shows that the online sports books think England matches up well against the Italians.

As we mentioned Italy is favored to win Group D. The odds for the group winner are:

Team Odds
Italy +150
Uruguay +180
England +225
Costa Rica +5000

There is already a prop bet out for the World Cup’s top goal scorer. The odds on England’s players are:

Player Odds
Wayne Rooney (England) 40/1
Daniel Sturridge (England) 66/1
Jermaine Defoe (England) 100/1
Frank Lampard (England) 125/1

Other interesting odds are at what stage of the tournament England will be eliminated:

Round Odds
Group Stage 6/5
2nd Round 5/2
Quarter Finals 4/1
Semi Finals 9/1
Runners Up 20/1
Winners 28/1

And how many total points they will score during the group stage:

Total Points Odds
0 Points 50/1
1 Point 14/1
2 Points 14/1
3 Points 5/1
4 Points 3/1
5 Points 8/1
6 Points 4/1
7 Points 5/1
9 Points 11/1

English Football

The History of the England FIFA Football Team

world-cup-winners-englandWith football beginning in England, the rich history of the sport got off to a strong start in the mid-19th century. By 1872, the first international football match took place between England and Scotland which began international competition in the sport.

Over the next 30 years, England had various matches with Scotland, Ireland and Wales from time to time, but the main focus was on the competition between rival clubs that would help shape the sport as we know it today.

From the turn of the 20th century to World War II, England stuck to playing Scotland, Ireland and Wales mostly because the UK competition was simply tougher and they were more dominant than the other teams, at least for the first 20 to 30 years. In 1906, England had joined FIFA, but their tenure was initially contentious.

By 1928, England had withdrawn from FIFA over a dispute about paying amateur players in the game. Because of this, England did not play in the first three World Cup games, although they did defeat the 1934 Italian World Cup a few months after they won the title. However, the combination of leaving FIFA and World War II meant that England did not participate in a World Cup until 1950.

england_world_cup_betsDespite lofty expectation, England did not fare well in 1950 and actually lost to the United States in their group round which helped in getting them eliminated from the competition when they couldn’t advance out of their group. After regrouping, England did fare better in 1954, making it to the quarterfinals before being eliminated by Uruguay 4 – 2.

Sadly, an air disaster which cost the lives of eight Manchester United players a few months before the World Cup had a devastating impact on both the team itself and the morale of the country. Things didn’t look any better in the 1962 World Cup and it had appeared that the country which invented the sport was now woefully behind the competition.

The 1966 World Cup allowed England to qualify automatically, but the team itself was rather unremarkable when they first took the field. However, they managed to escape their group and make it into the quarterfinals where despite injuries they managed to defeat Argentina and then Portugal before going up against the mighty West German team in the finals.

Geoff Hurst world cupAlthough not at full strength, the English team used an unusual 4-3-3 system which relied more on their midfield players than the wingers. The result was a 4 – 2 win in extra time that featured a hat trick by Geoff Hurst, the only time a player has scored three goals in a final. However, his second goal which bounced down from the crossbar was heavily disputed by the Germans as not actually crossing the goal line. Still, it did count as a goal and that helped lead England to its first and so far only World Cup title.

Although the 1970 team was arguably stronger than the 1966 version, they lost to the West Germans in the quarterfinals due in part to the absence of their main goalkeeper who had been stricken with food poisoning.

The years after the 1970 World Cup have not been so kind to England as they failed to qualify in 1994 and have not progressed very far despite having some of the best players in the world such as David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. In 2002, England fielded a very strong team only to lose to eventual winners Brazil in the quarterfinals.

Overall, English success at the World Cup has been limited to a single appearance, but hopes remain high that their 2014 squad can somehow defy the odds and win another title.

The 2014 English Football Team

To reach the World Cup, England had to defeat a number of opponents along the way in matches that turned out to not be so easy for this veteran team. However, this was more due to the strong competition rather than a lack of performance from the English team. Even though they did not lose a game along the way, England did not win automatic qualification until their final match at Wembley where they managed to defeat Poland with a late goal to secure the qualification. Such heroics may be needed in the World Cup as England will face stiff competition from its own group right off the bat.

england-world-cup-oddsThe most recognizable player on the English squad for the 2014 World Cup will be Wayne Rooney who is reaching the twilight of his career, but is still arguably the most talented player that England offers on its team. Rooney anchors an experienced team of players that also include veterans such as Gerrard and Frank Lampard whose creativity and drive will certainly bolster this team’s efforts as they reach for the finals. In addition, there will be plenty of young talent as well represented by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere and Andros Townsend to name the “Three Lions” who are poised for attack.

In addition, Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge represent the forwards who look to score repeatedly as they take the pitch. The emphasis here will be on the attack to put their opponents on their back foot as much as possible.

england-football-world-cupOverall, the 2014 England FIFA World Cup team may not be one of the favorites, but they are a formidable force that can be quite dangerous if they get past their own group.

While England is not the favorite to win the World Cup, it’s easy to see them going far in the tournament. If you support this country, betting on the team could only add to the thrill of the game. If you’re looking to bet the World Cup online, we’ll soon be posting a list of the best sports book to use when betting on the 2014 World Cup.

No matter who you’re betting on, we hope you enjoy the matches. Good Luck!

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