Can Brazil Win The World Cup On Home Soil?

Brazil-World-Cup-OddsOne of the biggest questions about the Brazil World Cup (besides how early will England be knocked out) is can Brazil win the World Cup at home?

Brazil, which has produced some of the world’s greatest all-time soccer players, is the favorite to win the 2014 World Cup with only Germany, Argentina and Spain as a threat to spoiling their chances. Their odds are 3/1 and the next closest in Argentina at 9/2.

Some people feel Spain will take gold at the World Cup but let’s be honest, if we look at the team Brazil have, if we look at their history and if we look at the manager they have and not to mention they are playing on home ground, Brazil have all the advantages to make the other teams wonder what is the point in turning up.

Luiz-Felipe-Scolari-World-Cup-BrazilOne of the biggest strengths Brazil has is their manager Luiz Felipe Scolari, a manager who knows how to win and a manager who does not like to lose. He has one of the best track records when it comes to international football and this strength will set him apart from other international managers including Spain.

Brazil will fancy their chances more by playing on home soil, playing in front of their fans but playing at home does not necessarily mean they can win it. If we look at the history of the World Cup only six World Cup teams have won on home soil, the most recent being France in 1998. The difference this time around is the conditions the other national teams are expected to play in, Brazil are used to it while the other teams are not.

brazil-sexy-world-cupIf we look at the Brazil team then we will see a team full of quality, a team that has so many individual talents the other teams in the competition should be scared of. Scolari has so much talent to choose

If we look at the other teams around the world, the only real serious threat is Spain, although many believe Germany and Argentina are also a threat who could actually shake up the World Cup and make it into an exciting competition instead of a one horse race.

There would be nothing that would make Brazil prouder than winning the World Cup on their home soil and it does seriously look like this is going to happen.

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