Brazil World Cup song and locations

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil runs June 12, 2014 through July 13, 2014.

World Cup Song

This year Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull will collaborate to create the 2014 World Cup song. Shakira created the song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It was called “Waka Waka”, and you can watch the video below.

J-Lo and Pitbull will perform their song with Brazilian star Claudia Leitte. The FIFA World Cup song (starting in 1966) has been a tradition for over 50 years. Let’s hope this year’s song lives up to the hype.

Personally I wasn’t a fan of the 2010 song, and I can’t think of a single a good Olympics song. Not to say that there never was one (for either the World Cup or the Olympics), it’s just that these types of songs (created for a specific event) usually aren’t very good.

I bet more singers agree to create these songs because they are guaranteed to sell even if the song sucks. Because the song is tied to the World Cup, a lot of people will buy it regardless of it’s quality. It will also get a lot of airplay during the matches, and people who usually don’t listen to J-Lo or Pitbull might start to buy more of their stuff.

World Cup Cities

Sao Paulo World cupSurprise! Another city in Brazil is struggling to complete the stadium it needs to host its games. With less than 5 months until the tournament, the stadium in Curitiba is not close to finished. Currently there are 4 games scheduled to be played there. FIFA has said that if they don’t see significant progress in the building of the stadium by February 18, they will most likely pull this city’s games and move them to another location.

There are currently 12 Brazilian cities scheduled to host World Cup games.

Another one of these cities, San Paulo, just saw clashes between police and locals protesting the World Cup. About 2,500 people took to the streets against the World Cup, with banners that read “There will be no Cup” and “Fifa go home”.

Obviously these types of problem are not what FIFA wants in a host country. Hopefully the Brazilians will clam down in the next several months before the Cup, but it doesn’t seem likely. They have been protesting their government, the Cup and several other causes for over a year now. It could make for a very interesting tournament.

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