Brazil World Cup Odds & Bets

brazil world cup bettingEasily the most successful football team in the history of the FIFA World Cup, Brazil has won five World Championships and four FIFA Confederations Cup titles including the most recent in 2013. A member of the FIFA since 1923, Brazil is the only team to have qualified for every World Cup without having to go through the playoffs. The history, tradition and might of the Brazilian football team are legendary, filled with great names from the past and current stars looking to cement their status as World Cup champions. In 2014, Brazil hosts the World Cup and was automatically qualified as such.

Brazil World Cup Odds & Bets

Brazil is the favorite to win the World Cup. The odds are 3/1.

Of course they’re also favored to win their group. While they have a big price, but it looks like easy money. They’re playing in Brasil, and their group is pretty weak. FIFA currently ranks Brazil is the fourth best team in the world. Mexico and Croatia are ranked 19 and 20. Cameroon is 50.

Team Odds
Brazil -450
Croatia +800
Mexico +900
Cameroon +2500

There are also some interesting Brazil prop bets. You can bet on seven different Brazil players to be the top goalscorer of the World Cup.

Player Odds
Neymar (Brazil) 10/1
Fred (Brazil) 25/1
Alexandre Pato (Brazil) 33/1
Hulk (Brazil) 33/1
Jo (Brazil) 40/1
Oscar (Brazil) 50/1
Robinho (Brazil) 66/1

The History of the Brazil FIFA Team

brazil-world-cup-betting2014 celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first game played by the Brazilian national football teams as they formed a select team from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and played an English team, Exeter City. The result of the match is still in doubt to this day as some claim a 2 – 0 victory by Brazil while others stated it was a 3 – 3 tie. Regardless of the result, the Brazilian national team had a long way to go before becoming a world power in football.

Brazil qualified, but did not make much of a dent in World Cup competition until 1954 when they made it to the quarterfinals, only to lose to Hungary 4 – 2 in a match so ugly it was called the “Battle of Bern”. However, that loss led to a further focus on creating an even better team for the following World Cup. For 1958, Brazil not only sent along a dentist to help treat potential oral issues that were affecting their performance and a psychologist to deal with the memories of previously unsuccessful runs at the World Cup.

brazil world cup oddsHowever, the most important inclusion was Pele’, who was making his first appearance in World Cup play and would prove decisive in winning getting Brazil through the very tough group that they had drawn into before making their way to the final and defeating the host country Sweden 5 – 2. Brazil became the first nation to win the World Cup on a pitch outside their home continent and Pele’ would start his career that would in turn make him the greatest football player in the history of the game.

For the 1962 World Cup, Brazil managed to win its second in the row despite Pele’ being injured in the second group match while playing Czechoslovakia. Pele’ could not return to the pitch, but his team was so talented that the managed to win rather decisively in defending their World Cup championship. Unfortunately, the 1966 World Cup proved to be disastrous for the Brazilian team as a combination of internal politics, heated disputes and the rough physical play which limited Pele’ and ultimately sent him from the pitch with an injury as Brazil was eliminated in the first round.

brazil world cup betsHowever, Brazil bounced back in 1970 and won its third World Cup under the leadership of Pele’ and arguably the greatest squad ever to compete at the event. Led by Carlos Alberto Torres, Tostao, Gerson, Jairzinho and Rivelino along with Pele’, the team was so great that the Jules Rimet Trophy that they had won for the third time was allowed to stay in Brazil permanently.

After the retirement of Pele’, the Brazilian team could not repeat as champions and suffered from a dry spell that lasted nearly a quarter century. However, the first World Cup held in the United States in 1994 proved to be the turnaround that Brazil needed. Despite fielding a less than legendary team, it was more than good enough to fight its way through to the finals where they managed to outlast Italy in penalty kicks to win the World Cup for a record fourth time.

world cup brasil betsIn 1998, Brazil failed to defend its championship and lost to France in final game. But they came back in 2002 when the seized the World Cup in South Korea, managing to overcome some less than inspired performances initially to dominate the competition until the finals where they faced Germany for the very first time. Led by the famous “Three Rs” of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo, Brazil managed to defeat a very strong German team 2 – 0 with both goals being scored by Ronaldo. Rivaldo had managed to score in every game of the tournament until the final. The triumph of the Brazilian team and their fifth World Cup cemented them as the most successful ever to play in the competition.

However, Brazil has not added a sixth World Cup to their collection, though the 2014 FIFA team looks to do so when the tournament starts in June, 2014.

The 2014 Brazil FIFA Team

Despite winning the 2012 Superclasico de las Americas, the coach Mano Menezes was let go and Luiz Flipe Scolari became the new manager of the team. Although the beginning of 2013 did not go well, the team rebounded and won the 2013 Confederations Cup, setting the stage for the 2014 FIFA World Cup team.

world cup brasil oddsThe key players of the current Brazilian squad are led by their striker Neymar who is already being recognized for his leadership skills. With the number of excellent supporting players under his wing, including Robinho a former teammate of Santos and Dani Alves of Barcelona, the Brazilian team is geared toward the attack and is solid through and through.

Grounded by veteran goalkeeper Julio Cesar, the Brazilian team looks to make a run at the World Cup championship and win its sixth title. A team that has much to demonstrate, Brazil does have the depth, coaching and players to certainly compete against the best in the world. If anything, the fact that the World Cup is in Brazil may make a considerable difference when it comes to being in close matches.  Blessed by being placed in a moderately tough, but nothing overwhelming group, Brazil is well positioned to make it deep into the competition thanks to its tradition, player and drive to win back World Cup dominance once again.


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