Brazil World Cup 2018 Odds and Bets

world cup bettingThe five-time World Cup champions go into the 2018 World Cup with high expectations, even if their squad is somewhat less experienced than their previous championship teams. The reputation that Brazil has earned over the decades in World Cup competition means that they will be a threat to win it all! Their last World Cup victory was in 2002.

What is most noted from the 2018 squad is that only six players remain from the 2014 team, when they were destroyed by Germany 7 – 1. That shocking defeat caused a substantial change in the Brazilian team which now is infused with younger talent. Only Fernandinho, Paulinho, Willian, and Marcelo remain from the previous squad who faced Germany. Neymar was out with an injury. Thiago Silva was serving a suspension.

World Cup Odds & Bets

world cup betsBrazil is the favorite to win the World Cup. Odds on this team winning it are currently 4/1. They are favored over both Germany, France, Spain and the rest of the field.  This is due to their talented squad and coach (which we talk about more below). If you like Brazil to win, we suggest placing a bet before the tournament starts, as their odds will only decrease as they start to win matches.

Brazil is expected to win their group (as you would expect). Betting this team looks like easy money. (So easy, they we bet it!) They only country that could give them a challenge is Switzerland. But as you can see from the odds below, no one really expects that to happen.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group E

Country Odds
Brazil 1.28
Switzerland 7
Serbia 9
Costa Rica 17

World Cup Prop Bets

There are a number of World Cup prop bets that you can wager on. One of the more interesting is the top World Cup goal scorer. The two favorites right now are Messi (of course) and Neymar. The odds on Messi are 9/1, and Neymar is 10/1.

The reason we would bet on Neymar is that Brazil is expect to win the World Cup, while Argentina is not. Current odds:

  • Brazil 4/1
  • Argentina 9/1

As you probably know, Neymar is the top goal scorer for Brazil. And if Brazil goes farther in the tournament than Argentina, he will likely have a lot more chances than Messi to score. If Brazil plays are extra game (or two), that would really makes this a nice bet.

Head Coach

world cup betting oddsTheir head coach Tite is taking what seem to be the youngest team in his nearly three-decade run as a football coach. However, given his flair for the dramatic and ability to make tough decisions under pressure, there are few who doubt his ability to navigate Brazil to another World Cup title. This is because Tite has managed to pull together a very talented team along with his vaunted 4-1-4-1 system that has served Brazil well by providing effective defense and the ability to switch to the attack.

Perhaps not surprisingly, 15 of the 23-player squad consists of players who started with Tite’s opening game as the head coach of Brazil back in September 2016. It is his familiarity with the players over this year and a half stretch combined with his deep coaching talent that promises to make Brazil one of the favorites to win it all this year.


Although mostly young, Brazil is swarming with excellent talent that shows real promise on the world stage. However, it must be noted that one of their star players, Neymar, is currently suffering from an injury that may keep him sidelined at least in the early part of the World Cup. If Neymar cannot get properly fit by the time the tournament begins, the midfielders will lack the usual punch in their offense which will be needed to consistently put pressure on the opposition.

world cup oddsVeteran Dani Alvez will not be ready for the competition and has been replaced. This may be the most notable setback for an otherwise loaded squad of players. While Alvez will be missed, Brazil does have plenty of younger talent to replace him on the team.

The four midfielders currently are Philipe Coutinho, Willian, Paulinho, and Renato Agusto, who promise to fill the line until Neymar’s return. The rest of the lineup includes Marcelona at left back and Dani Alves or Fagnar who are currently battling over the right back spot. Marquinhos and Miranda are lining up in the central defense ahead of Thiago Silva, which is something of a surprise. Ederson will anchor the defense from his position as goalkeeper.

Brazil does not lack any depth thanks to their deep bench of talent. There are solid players who can come in when needed and include the following;

  • Frenandinho
  • Firmino
  • Douglas costa
  • Filipe Luis
  • Gabriel Jesus

What makes the 4-1-4-1 such an effective line-up is the ability to change quickly when the need demands it. For example, it can go to the conventional 4-3-3 and not require any substitutions to support Neymar with Coutinho and Willian for a three-man offensive assault.

Who to Watch

The obvious player to watch is Neymar and whether he can return to top form by the time the World Cup begins. Apart from his return, the tow players that may provide the most for Brazil fans to watch is Gabriel Jesus, who plays for Manchester City, and Walace who plays for Hamburg. Tite knows Walace well, having spent time with him at Corinthians, but it is Gabriel Jesus who may be the star for Brazil assuming he doesn’t succumb to injury. Since he starts with Manchester City, Gabriel has been a whirlwind and promises to be the same for Brazil given the 4-1-4-1 line up.

What may be key for Brazil is the balance of players they have who are in their prime playing days. Unlike some other contenders who are banking on the leadership of aging stars, Brazil seems far more youthful and energetic across the board. Do not be surprised if a relatively unknown player emerges as a star since the unique line up give many players the chance to make a big difference in each game.

2018 World Cup

Brazil’s quest to win the 2018 World Cup begins in Group E against Switzerland on June 17th. After that match, Brazil will play Costa Rica and Serbia with the winners advancing in the tournament. Brazil is expected to advance and compete deep into the World Cup, being one of the favorites to make the semi-finals.

Their chances of winning the cup itself are good, but there are big obstacles in their way given the experience, drive, and tenacity of teams like Germany who stand in their way. Still, Brazil is considered the favorite in the tournament and for good reason, even if Neymar is not 100%. This is because Brazil finished the CONMEBOL qualification series decisively, a full 10 points ahead of the second-place squad, Uruguay.

Admittedly, it will not be easy for Brazil to escape the group stage unscathed given that their three opponents are all skilled, determined, and set on upsetting the favorites. Assuming Brazil manages to get out of the group stage without any serious injury concerns, the next step will be taking on international favorites such as Germany, Spain, and France.

Still, the odds are solid that Brazil will be competing in the finals if they can make the most out of their young talent and keep the offensive pressure on their opponents. If recent history is any guide, the fans of the 2018 Brazil football team will be smiling for their squad.

World Cup Betting

Is you want to bet the World Cup, you can’t go too wrong with Brazil. After all its one of the more interesting teams to watch. People will bet them for this reason alone.

But if you really want to make it interesting, you can bet on World Cup matches. As well as prop bets. We mentioned above that Neymar would make a really interesting World Cup prop bet, and there are many more props listed at sportsbooks across the Globe.

If you are betting the World Cup or not, we sincerely hope you enjoy the matches. That said, this event only comes around once every four years, so why not bet the World Cup? You know we’ll be 🙂

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