Belgium’s World Cup Odds and Bets

This makes the second appearance in a row for Belgium and they hope to surprise the world by improving on their World Cup past. While their best finish was in the 1986 World Cup at fourth place, they hope to reach and surpass the quarterfinals this year, unlike in 2014 when they were stopped in that round.

Qualifying Rounds

Apart from Russia, which hosted automatically being the host country, Belgium was the first on the European continent to qualify for the World Cup. In fact, they qualified with two games left to play, making 35 goals in the process. Although admittedly 25 of the 35 were made against Gibraltar and Estonia combined. While Belgium enjoyed a less-than-dominant qualifying group, there is little doubt that they played up to expectations.

Players to Watch

Romelu Lukaku: Manchester United has benefitted greatly from having Lukaku as its striker and Belgium will no doubt benefit as well at the World Cup. Lukaku’s status on the international scene is most impressive with 24 goals amid the 59 caps, a superb rate. While some have questioned his tendency to not hold up the ball well, given what a great attacker he is, Lukaku will no doubt be a big factor in the success the team has in this year’s World Cup.

Kevin De Bruyne: In his first 51 appearances, Bruyne has scored 12 goals which is pretty impressive for the midfielder. While he has demonstrated all-around talent, Bruyne is quite capable of being in the right place at the right time. His role this year is to help guide the team in setting up scoring opportunities which will provide them with the best chance to reach past the group stage.

Eden Hazard: The captain and one of the best wingers in the sport, Hazard’s skills are exceptions, especially the speed that he can move the ball thanks to his superb dribbling and natural talent. What makes Hazard special is his ability to change the game in an instant. He is the playmaker that makes Belgium special and dangerous for any other team in the competition. His experience at Chelsea when they won the EPL last season only demonstrates his considerable talent as one of the best wingers to play.

Bet the World Cup

Belgium is the 6th most bet team to win the World Cup. Betting on teams in this position are very good bets. They are not one of the favorites that everyone bets on, but they actually have a good shot at winning the tournament. Don’t sleep on Belgium. If you like them to win the World Cup, you should consider betting them today.

Their current odds are 11/1. They are also favored to win their group.

Belgium is a part of Group G with England, Tunisia and Panama. The only team that can really challenge them in the group is England.

Country Odds
Belgium 1.8
England 2.2
Tunisia 17
Panama 34

Belgium opens the tournament on June 18th as huge favorites over Panama. They should easily win this game. If you want an easy bet, this is it. I would suggest throwing this into a Parlay to boost your winning on other World Cup bets.

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Chances for Winning

This may be the best team Belgium has ever fielded, which is why so many are believing that if they have any chance of reaching the finals. With their experience, especially in the 2014 World Cup and subsequent finish in the 2016 Euro, expectations are quite high.

What may work against them is the soft competition they faced in the qualifying rounds and not being as strong defensively as some of the best in the field. If Belgium cannot get their goal-scoring on track, they will probably be outmatched. However, given their opportunities, it does appear the team stands an excellent chance of making it to the semi-finals. While a World Cup victory may be somewhat of a long-shot. Belgium does have the sheer talent, drive, and experience to make it.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy the matches and win when you bet on World Cup soccer 🙂

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