Because Luck is a Skill in Itself

Most would say that luck in itself is a skill, and this is in effect from the very beginning. In every international tournament, the very first thing that sport managers do is draw lots in order to determine which group you are going to be under. If unlucky, you will be grouped among very strong opponents. Such is the case for the Netherland’s representative for the FIFA World Cup which is going to be held in four month’s time at Brazil.

world-cup-bets-hollandAccording to certain reports, Netherlands was able to draw itself into a group that includes Spain, Chile, and Australia. These three countries re-surface some deep and painful memories for Netherlands. In their hands, the powerful Netherland representative has suffered losses that extend for years. However, among the three, Spain may be the one that caused so much pain for Netherlands.

In the last FIFA World Cup, which was four years ago, it was Netherlands and Spain which fought in the finals and it was the latter that took the championship home. It is truly painful if this happened to anyone – to be so close yet fall short. In fact, this kind of situation is more painful than any situation. In addition, the country of Spain is at the top of the football world in terms of ranking. That itself is proof of their strength.

Netherlands-FIFA-World-Cup-oddsOn the other hand, the coach of Netherland is still positive. In spite of Spain being the defending champions of this most prestigious football tournament, Louis Van Gaal mentioned the country’s only triumph over the champions that happened during his first tenure as Netherland’s coach.

“If we beat them before, what could be stopping us from beating them again,” says Louis Van Gaal.

Australia on the other hand might pose a bigger problem. In all the moments that they have faced this country’s national team, Netherlands has never beaten them, even once. Such a deep history is one that should be forgotten, but being beaten time and time again does not help. It leaves scars, in spite being so minimal. It still causes an attack on the country’s psyche.

fifa-world-cup-betsOf course, this does not mean that Netherlands should be discouraged. Instead, they learn from their mistakes in the past and take measures that may improve their chances of winning.

Netherlands never had any deep or strong history with Chile, but based on what they saw in games that involved the country, Chile is a formidable opponent as well. In one of their games, they were able to beat the opposing country with a score of 3-0. In football, this kind of score is enough to prove that your team is definitely strong and one to be looked out for.

As you can see, Netherlands may have the worst luck overall, but the other three countries under the same group may also be thinking of the same problems. So, at this moment, it is best to look at it in a positive light. All four are in equal footing since all four are strong in their own right.

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group B Winner 

Team Odds
Spain -138
Holland +225
Chile +450
Australia +3300
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