Argentina’s FIFA squad

Argentina-world-cup-betsManaged by the Argentine Football Association, the national football team of Argentina is coached by Alejandro Sabella. The team is also known as the Albicelestes, and has previously appeared in four World Cup finals before, making them one of the most successful teams in the football fraternity. The team’s home stadium is Estadio Antonio Vespucio Liberti and currently ranks at number three in the FIFA rankings.

With an impressive record in previous FIFA World Cup tournaments, Argentina is definitely bound to be one of the favourites for the winner’s spot in the FIFA 2014 in Brazil. The location of the tournament works out to their advantage too, as it’s almost as if it’s a home tournament for them. More importantly, the team is full of fresh as well as seasoned talent which gives it a good advantage in

The qualifications
argentina-players-2014The Argentine team has worked hard to qualify for FIFA 2014. During their qualification journey campaign, the team scored a 4-1 win against Chile, post which they drew against Venezuela for a 1-1 on the scoreboard. Following numerous doubts about their performance, the team got back on to their feet for a 2-1 win against Colombia, which marked the beginning of a 14 match unbeaten track record through the rest of the qualification matches. They finished as the highest point winners on the South American points table, which gave fans all around the world a lot to celebrate about, as well as to look forward to.

Previous stints in FIFA
Their impressive track record in the previous FIFA tournaments cannot be spoken about enough. As one of the most consistent players, the national team of Argentina have contested four World Cup finals in all. The first one was way back in 1930, during the inaugural tournament at Uruguay, where the team lost 4-2 to their hosts.

The Argentine team has won two FIFA World Cup tournaments, one at home in 1978 and one in Mexico in the year 1986, courtesy impressive performances from veteran players like Kempes and Maradona, who have gone on to inspire hoards of other players to take up the mantle. Their latest World Cup final was in 1990 at Italy, where their victory was countered by the Andreas Brehme penalty. Following this, the team hasn’t made it to any other tournament finals.

Leading the Argentine team this world cup tournament is Lionel Messi, four-time winner of the Ballon d’Ors, undisputedly holding the position of Argentina’s most crucial asset.  Looking to win his country the same honour that he’s afforded Barcelona previously, a fit Messi is instrumental to the Argentine team’s victory. Therefore, a fit Messi is what the team and its fans pray for. If his string of injury woes, which have kept him sidelined for a while, get the better of him, Argentina’s performance will take a serious blow. However, a healthy Messi flanked by Aguero and Higuan amongst others, will formulate a balanced team that gives opponents a run for their money.

The Odds
The odds on Argentina are 9/2. The only team with lower odds are the host country Brazil. They’re the clear favorite to win group F, and why wouldn’t you bet on this? It’s looks like free money. I can’t see them losing to anyone in the group. Bosnia is their toughest competition, and they aren’t much of the treat to one of the strongest teams in the world. Nigeria shouldn’t be much of a challenge either. Argentina’s 2nd string should be able to beat Iran.

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group F Winner 

Team Odds
Argentina -400
Bosnia-Herzegovina +600
Nigeria +800
Iran +3300


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