Argentina World Cup Betting Odds for 2014

Argentina-World-Cup-Betting-OddsArgentina is one of the favorites to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Only the host country Brazil has lower odds than Argentina. The latest World Cup betting odds from Las Vegas have Brazil at 3/1 and Argentina at 9/2.

Argentina is the clear favorite to win their group, Group F. Bosnia, Nigeria and Iran don’t seem like much competition for one of the best teams in the tournament.

Team Odds
Argentina -400
Bosnia-Herzegovina +600
Nigeria +800
Iran +3300

Now on to prop bets…

One of the best prop bets on the World Cup is which player will score the most goals durign the World Cup. It should come as no surpirse that Lionel Messi is Vegas’s favorite to win this prop.

Player Odds
Lionel Messi (Argentina) 8/1
Ezequiel Lavezzi (Argentina) 50/1

One of the best team prop bets is the total number of points scored during the group stage. Below are Argentina’s odds for this wager.

Points Odds
0 Points 1000/1
1 Point 250/1
2 Points 90/1
3 Points 35/1
4 Points 10/1
5 Points 10/1
6 Points 5/1
7 Points 2/1
9 Points 6/5

Argentina FIFA World Cup Team

Argentina-world-cup-betsThe two-time winning World Cup team from Argentina boasts a rich tradition of football along with a great rivalry with Brazil for being the best in South America. Over the years, Argentina has built up a tradition of winning and competing well in the World Cup. For 2014, Argentina looks to compete again and make it deep into the tournament.

Currently coached by Alejandro Sabella, Argentina has appeared in four World Cup finals, including the inaugural one in 1930 where they were beaten by Uruguay 4 – 2. Over the years, Argentina has built up a rich tradition of football, especially in the late 1970s through the 1980s which were their golden years. In addition to World Cup victories, Argentina has won 14 Copa America titles and two Olympic titles in 2004 and 2008.

The History of the Argentina FIFA World Cup Teams

argentina-players-2014The history of the Argentina football team goes all the way back to 1901 when they faced Uruguay in a game held in Montevideo on May 16th, a game that Argentina won 3 – 2. Argentina engaged in friendly matches over the next few years until competitions such as the Newton Cup came into being, a title first won by Argentina in 1906.

Over the next two decades, Argentina won several titles in various contests alone with playing in numerous friendly matches with the most notable being the “Gol Olimpico” goal scored against Uruguay in 1924, a corner kick that went untouched into the goal. In 1928, Argentina reached the finals in Olympic soccer, but it was the 1930 World Cup where they reached the final again, only to lose to their rival Uruguay 4 – 2

From 1934 to 1954 Argentina went into a great slump and wasn’t competitive in World Cup play for 20 years. That ended in 1958 when they entered World Cup competition again with a well-respected team that unfortunately got smashed 5 – 1 by Czechoslovakia which ended their run in the first round and was labeled “The Sweden Disaster” by fans.

argentina-soccer-oddsArgentina continued its dominate play in the Copa America, winning titles and beating many of its rivals over the next several years. Winning the Nation’s Cup in 1964 helped to establish Argentina again as a formidable power, but Brazil was in the middle of its dominant World Cup run. Despite beating Brazil in a few friendly matches and in the Nation’s Cup, the success did not translate to World Cup success.

However, things turned around in 1978 when Argentina went into the World Cup with a powerful team that managed to get out of its group despite heavy competition. Although only managing a draw with Brazil, its 6 – 0 win over Peru allowed Argentina to edge past its Brazilian rivals and get into the finals where it had to smash Peru once again and finally play the Netherlands where they won 2 – 1 in extra time. The victory sealed Argentina’s first World Cup, but it was not able to repeat that success in 1982.

By 1986, the hopes of the Argentina football team rested on the shoulders of Diego Maradona who would turn out to be one of the greatest players to ever set foot on the pitch. Maradona’s heroics in the World Cup matches such as bringing his team from behind to beat Italy in their initial group would pale in comparison to their quarter final match with England.

sexy argentina football fanIn the match, Maradona managed two score two goals within four minutes of each other that have become legendary feats in World Cup history. The first, “The Hand of God” goal was Maradona striking the ball with what turned out to be his left fist, although it was not caught by the referees. The controversy broiled the English players when four minutes later Maradona ran through their entire team to score the “Goal of the Century”, establishing his legend on the pitch. Argentina managed to beat Belgium, then West Germany 3 – 2 in the finals to win their second World Cup competition.

The 1990 World Cup was looking to be a repeat of the 1986 victory with Argentina sweeping into the finals against Germany. However, the Argentina team had numerous injuries, including Maradona and simply could not match up well against the healthy German squad. Despite this, Germany could only score a single goal off of a penalty kick which proved to be enough to give them the win.

Since 1990, Argentina has never seriously threatened to win the World Cup again. Despite continued success in their region, Argentina simply has not gathered the talent to win consistently enough on the World Cup stage. However, they are looking to turn things around for the 2014 World Cup team.

The 2014 Argentina World Cup Team

lionel-messi-world-cup-betThe qualification process for Argentina began with a 4 – 1 win over Chile and hit a rough patch when they drew at home to Venezuela. Concerns about the coaching of Alejandro Sabella who had taken over the team after the 2011 Copa America surfaced at that time, but were quickly quashed when they beat Columbia and began a unbeaten streak that lasted 14 matches where they finished on top of the South American table.

Led by the legendary Lionel Messi on the field, the undisputed leader of the team and winner of many trophies at Barcelona, Messi leads a strong team into the World Cup that has garnered strength in the past few years for its consistent play. Supporting Messi will be some of the more celebrated players in football, including Javier Mascherno, Angel Di Maria and Carlos Tevez. Playing for some of Europe’s best football clubs, these three players in particular look to back Messi as he makes one more run for the World Cup title.

Overall, the Argentina FIFA football team appears very strong and promises to be a potent force when it arrives in Brazil for the start of the tournament. How far it will get will be determined by the health and well being of its players and the tradition that the hope to follow when playing for the title.

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