7 Best Sports Books for Betting the World Cup

The World Cup is here! So pick a sports book, open an account and place a bet today! You’ll be glad that you did.

bet world cup#1. Bovada – If you’re a US gambler, Bovada is an online site you should join. They offer bets on just about every sporting event in the world. They have a good size poker room that allows US players. And their casino offers all the games you would expect plus a few more. They are also consistently ranked best in the industry for their customer service (which is outstanding), and their website and technology is one of the best around. Bovada also offers great bonuses, and they accept US players, which is rare for an online sports book of this size.  ACCEPTS US PLAYERS (not all states)

#2. Intertops – Intertops is another great online sports book that accepts US players (and for all states).  Founded online in 1983, the world’s first ever online sports bet was placed here. 25 years later, this site is still going strong.

Intertops offers great odds, tons of bets, and a generous signup bonus for the 2018 World Cup. This is one of our favorite sites to bet World Cup Prop Bets.

world cup odds#3. BoDog – This sports book is in the same “family of sites” as Bovada. A lot of what we said about Bovada can also be said about BoDog, but there are 2 unique differences. The first is that BoDog (like most online sports books) does not accept US players. The second is that BoDog is much older than Bovada. BoDog was originally founded in 2000 and has been recognized as one of the best online sportsbooks ever since. BoDog also has a poker room and full casino. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS

#4. Pinnacle Sports – This is the largest online sportsbook in the world. They boast customers in over 100 different countries, and their website is available in 19 different languages. The problem for American gamblers is that Pinnacle stopped accepting wagers from the United States in 2007. While they’re still a great sports book, the inability to access it from America may frustrate even European players as they won’t be able to place wagers when visiting the US. Pinnacle also has an online casino, but does not have a poker room. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS

bet on world cup#5. William Hill – This online bookmaker is located in England, and it’s listed on the London Stock Exchange. Founded in 1934 when gambling was illegal in England, William Hill currently employs over 16,000 people in the UK, and has recently gone through some massive changes including closing a number of shops in Ireland and Italy, investing in their website and internet operations, and purchasing 3 chains of sports books in Las Vegas, Nevada. They’re major downfall in America is that their website does not accept US players. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS

world cup bets#6. Bookmaker – Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Bookmaker is another online sports book that accepts US players. It’s not as large as some of the other sports books mentioned above, but it makes our list because it’s one of the best that accepts bets from America. They’re also a trustworthy site with excellent security, which is very important in today’s day and age.  ACCEPTS US PLAYERS

#7. Bet365 – Bet365 has over 7,000,000 customers and employees over 2,100 people. This is no small operation. Based in the United Kingdom and founded in 2000, this is one of the internet’s oldest online sports books. They were one of the first sports books to offer live betting on football (soccer) matches, and they’re receive numbers awards over the years. Like most of the sites mentioned above, Bet365 also offers a casino, poker room and bingo. Also like most of the sites listed above, they do not accept US players or French players. DOES NOT ACCEPT US OR FRENCH PLAYERS

Finding a Sportsbook

bet the world cupIn conclusion, the sports books above offer many great World Cup bets. You many even what to join more than one so that you can compare all the odds and prop bets offered at different sites. If you’re interested in betting on the World Cup, and you’re locating in America, we recommend Bovada or Intertops (our #1 & #2 sports books above). If you’re interested in World Cup bets, and you’re located outside of the US, do yourself a favor and check out Bodog (our #3 book).

For more information on how to bet on world cup soccer, check out our guide to betting soccer. If you would like to know who the favorite to win the world cup is, we have those odds listed here. Or if you would just like to learn more about a specific World Cup team (like the France World Cup team), please search our site. We’ve covered every team playing in the 2018 World Cup.

bet world cupPlease note that the sports books listed above may carry very different odds (due to their different locations and clientele). It might be worth checking out a few different sports books to find the best odds for the bets you’re interested in. For instance, if you want to bet on the Brazil World Team to beat Switzerland, Bovada might have better odds than Bookmaker. Or if you want to bet on the Mexico World Cup team, Intertops may have the best odds.


Location Matters

Lastly if you want to bet on your local team, you can probably get better odds betting in a different country. For instance, if you want to bet on England, sports books outside the UK will have the best odds.

Likewise for the Costa Rican World Cup team. Sports book located in Costa Rica have terrible odds for this team, as all the locals will bet on them to win.

You’ll be better off betting on England with a sports book in Costa Rica, and betting on Costa Rica with a sports book in the UK!

And remember, the most important thing about sports betting is having fun! Thanks for making us your source for World Cup Bets. Good Luck!

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Brazil World Cup 2018 Odds and Bets

world cup bettingThe five-time World Cup champions go into the 2018 World Cup with high expectations, even if their squad is somewhat less experienced than their previous championship teams. The reputation that Brazil has earned over the decades in World Cup competition means that they will be a threat to win it all! Their last World Cup victory was in 2002.

What is most noted from the 2018 squad is that only six players remain from the 2014 team, when they were destroyed by Germany 7 – 1. That shocking defeat caused a substantial change in the Brazilian team which now is infused with younger talent. Only Fernandinho, Paulinho, Willian, and Marcelo remain from the previous squad who faced Germany. Neymar was out with an injury. Thiago Silva was serving a suspension.

World Cup Odds & Bets

world cup betsBrazil is the favorite to win the World Cup. Odds on this team winning it are currently 4/1. They are favored over both Germany, France, Spain and the rest of the field.  This is due to their talented squad and coach (which we talk about more below). If you like Brazil to win, we suggest placing a bet before the tournament starts, as their odds will only decrease as they start to win matches.

Brazil is expected to win their group (as you would expect). Betting this team looks like easy money. (So easy, they we bet it!) They only country that could give them a challenge is Switzerland. But as you can see from the odds below, no one really expects that to happen.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group E

Country Odds
Brazil 1.28
Switzerland 7
Serbia 9
Costa Rica 17

World Cup Prop Bets

There are a number of World Cup prop bets that you can wager on. One of the more interesting is the top World Cup goal scorer. The two favorites right now are Messi (of course) and Neymar. The odds on Messi are 9/1, and Neymar is 10/1.

The reason we would bet on Neymar is that Brazil is expect to win the World Cup, while Argentina is not. Current odds:

  • Brazil 4/1
  • Argentina 9/1

As you probably know, Neymar is the top goal scorer for Brazil. And if Brazil goes farther in the tournament than Argentina, he will likely have a lot more chances than Messi to score. If Brazil plays are extra game (or two), that would really makes this a nice bet.

Head Coach

world cup betting oddsTheir head coach Tite is taking what seem to be the youngest team in his nearly three-decade run as a football coach. However, given his flair for the dramatic and ability to make tough decisions under pressure, there are few who doubt his ability to navigate Brazil to another World Cup title. This is because Tite has managed to pull together a very talented team along with his vaunted 4-1-4-1 system that has served Brazil well by providing effective defense and the ability to switch to the attack.

Perhaps not surprisingly, 15 of the 23-player squad consists of players who started with Tite’s opening game as the head coach of Brazil back in September 2016. It is his familiarity with the players over this year and a half stretch combined with his deep coaching talent that promises to make Brazil one of the favorites to win it all this year.


Although mostly young, Brazil is swarming with excellent talent that shows real promise on the world stage. However, it must be noted that one of their star players, Neymar, is currently suffering from an injury that may keep him sidelined at least in the early part of the World Cup. If Neymar cannot get properly fit by the time the tournament begins, the midfielders will lack the usual punch in their offense which will be needed to consistently put pressure on the opposition.

world cup oddsVeteran Dani Alvez will not be ready for the competition and has been replaced. This may be the most notable setback for an otherwise loaded squad of players. While Alvez will be missed, Brazil does have plenty of younger talent to replace him on the team.

The four midfielders currently are Philipe Coutinho, Willian, Paulinho, and Renato Agusto, who promise to fill the line until Neymar’s return. The rest of the lineup includes Marcelona at left back and Dani Alves or Fagnar who are currently battling over the right back spot. Marquinhos and Miranda are lining up in the central defense ahead of Thiago Silva, which is something of a surprise. Ederson will anchor the defense from his position as goalkeeper.

Brazil does not lack any depth thanks to their deep bench of talent. There are solid players who can come in when needed and include the following;

  • Frenandinho
  • Firmino
  • Douglas costa
  • Filipe Luis
  • Gabriel Jesus

What makes the 4-1-4-1 such an effective line-up is the ability to change quickly when the need demands it. For example, it can go to the conventional 4-3-3 and not require any substitutions to support Neymar with Coutinho and Willian for a three-man offensive assault.

Who to Watch

The obvious player to watch is Neymar and whether he can return to top form by the time the World Cup begins. Apart from his return, the tow players that may provide the most for Brazil fans to watch is Gabriel Jesus, who plays for Manchester City, and Walace who plays for Hamburg. Tite knows Walace well, having spent time with him at Corinthians, but it is Gabriel Jesus who may be the star for Brazil assuming he doesn’t succumb to injury. Since he starts with Manchester City, Gabriel has been a whirlwind and promises to be the same for Brazil given the 4-1-4-1 line up.

What may be key for Brazil is the balance of players they have who are in their prime playing days. Unlike some other contenders who are banking on the leadership of aging stars, Brazil seems far more youthful and energetic across the board. Do not be surprised if a relatively unknown player emerges as a star since the unique line up give many players the chance to make a big difference in each game.

2018 World Cup

Brazil’s quest to win the 2018 World Cup begins in Group E against Switzerland on June 17th. After that match, Brazil will play Costa Rica and Serbia with the winners advancing in the tournament. Brazil is expected to advance and compete deep into the World Cup, being one of the favorites to make the semi-finals.

Their chances of winning the cup itself are good, but there are big obstacles in their way given the experience, drive, and tenacity of teams like Germany who stand in their way. Still, Brazil is considered the favorite in the tournament and for good reason, even if Neymar is not 100%. This is because Brazil finished the CONMEBOL qualification series decisively, a full 10 points ahead of the second-place squad, Uruguay.

Admittedly, it will not be easy for Brazil to escape the group stage unscathed given that their three opponents are all skilled, determined, and set on upsetting the favorites. Assuming Brazil manages to get out of the group stage without any serious injury concerns, the next step will be taking on international favorites such as Germany, Spain, and France.

Still, the odds are solid that Brazil will be competing in the finals if they can make the most out of their young talent and keep the offensive pressure on their opponents. If recent history is any guide, the fans of the 2018 Brazil football team will be smiling for their squad.

World Cup Betting

Is you want to bet the World Cup, you can’t go too wrong with Brazil. After all its one of the more interesting teams to watch. People will bet them for this reason alone.

But if you really want to make it interesting, you can bet on World Cup matches. As well as prop bets. We mentioned above that Neymar would make a really interesting World Cup prop bet, and there are many more props listed at sportsbooks across the Globe.

If you are betting the World Cup or not, we sincerely hope you enjoy the matches. That said, this event only comes around once every four years, so why not bet the World Cup? You know we’ll be 🙂

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Spain World Cup Bets and Odds

sexy spainSpain has a lot to prove in the 2018 World Cup after their shocking early exit during the 2014 games in Brazil. Although Spanish teams have been near the top of the standings for decades, they have only hoisted the World Cup trophy once in their history, which happened in 2010. By qualifying this year, Spain has made it to nine World Cups in a row which is a record.

Spain also one of the favorites to win this year. Their current odds to win the World Cup are 6/1. They’re also favored to win their group over Portugal.  Let’s hope they don’t disappoint.

Continue reading below for their group odds and other bets. 

Qualification Rounds

Spain finished with an almost perfect record in Group G of the UEFA, going nine out of ten wins with one draw and no losses. Only Italy managed to hold them to a draw as Spain looked incredible, scoring 36 goals while only giving up three.

Players to Watch

The team Spain is filling has some of the best talent on the planet, but many were concerned when Xavi retired. The good news for Spain is that there are several experienced players now getting their chance to prove themselves on the pitch.

Sergio Ramos: Ramos is one of the most experienced players on the team and the captain. His long career at Real Madrid which spans more than 370 games stands in testament to his abilities on the pitch. A defender, Ramos anchors the team and provides incredible leadership which has augmented those around him. However, for Spain to succeed, Ramos will have to be at the top of his game.

Isco: When you consider that he only has 25 caps to his name, yet he’s been playing for the past several years, it demonstrates just how talented the midfield for Spain has become. A midfielder who is known for attacking and increase the tempo of play, Isco’s greatest ability may be in passing the ball to the right player at the right time. His speed and determination will serve Spain well as they advance to the World Cup.

David Silva: While it can be argued that no one can replace Xavi, Silva is doing a pretty good job of augmenting how the team works. His playmaking abilities will be the center of the Spanish goal scoring efforts. While he’s a bit on the diminutive side, that hasn’t stopped him from impressing his fans for Manchester City, where he has been playing since 2010.

The rest of the team boasts considerable talent and their respect for the three standout players will certainly help as Spain enters the World Cup this summer.

Bet the World Cup

There is a lot of money bet on Spain to win their group and the World Cup this year. They open the tournament on June 15th against Portugal, their toughest competition in the group. This game could very well determine who will win group B, as the winner could easy go on to defeat Morocco and Iran.

It would be interesting if this match was a draw. If both Spain and Portugal score the same goals, the winner of the group could be determined by the total goals score during the group stage.

Common World Cup Bets

Like most matches now, there are a ton of thing you can bet during the game. Below are some of the most common bets you’ll find online for this game.

Portugal Draw Spain
Match Winner 4.4 3.4 1.85
Handicap +1 1.90 1 – 0 3.55 -1 3.35
Half Time Result 5 2 2.5

The first line is the winner of the match. They odds are 4.4 -1. So if you bet $10 on Portugal, and they win, you’ll win $44. The odds on the draw of 3.4-1, and Spain’s odds are 1.85-1.

The second line handicaps the match. This line gives Portugal and extra goal in order to adjust the odds. In this scenario, Portugal becomes the favorite at 1.9-1. Now if you bet $10 on Portugal and they either won or draw, you would win $19. For the Draw bet to win, Spain would need to win by 1. The odds for this is 3.55-1.

The odds on Spain winning by more than 1 goal is 3.35-1. This is significantly higher than their odds of winning outright. If you Spain to win by a couple of scores, we would suggest betting them on the Handicap line.

The odds for halftime are on the third line. Portugal is 5-1, a draw is 2-1 and Spain is 2.5-1. These odds are different from the full game odds due to the fact the game is only half over. Therefore a draw is more likely.

Over/Under Bets

Another common bet is the over/under or total bet. This is based on the number of goals scored in the match.

Game Total OVER Game Total UNDER
Match Goals 1.5 1.4 2.75
Match Goals 2.5 2.2 1.6
Match Goals 3.5 4.3 1.18

The above bets are based on the Spain/Portugal game.

Looking at the first line, these bets are based on 1.5 goals. If you choose to bet this, you can bet on 1 or 0 goals (under 1.5) or 2 or more goals (2, 3, 4, etc). If you bet $10 on the under (at 2.75) and only 1 goal was scored, you would win $27.50. But if 3 goals were scored, you would lose. The principle is the same for the other lines, but the totals and odds change.

Over/under bet are a fun way to bet the game when you don’t know (or care) who will win. This way you can just route for the number of goals scored, and not either team.

Lastly we have Spain’s odds to win the group. (We like this bet.)

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group B 

Country Odds
Spain 1.5
Portugal 2.8
Morocco 17
Iran 29

Chances for Winning

There is little doubt that the Spanish team will be one of the favorites going into Russia this summer, boasting a strong defense while scoring goals with seeming abandon. While the crash of 2014 is something to consider, especially when adding in the times that Spain has underachieved on the world stage, the prospects for winning this summer are quite good.

The reason why Spain should be feared by their competitors is the combination of talent, defense, and revenge to wipe out the memories of the previous World Cup.  As the rise of new players helps to bolster their chances, it will not be surprising at all if Spain makes it to the finals.

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Argentina World Cup Bets and Odds

The two-time winners of the World Cup, both in 1978 and 1986 under the legendary Maradona, Argentina has managed to finish second in three World Cups, including a heartbreaking loss to Germany in the finals of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. While their leader, Lionel Messi, managed to win Best Player, it was not enough for them to win in the finals.

It does seem that heartbreak is part of the Argentina history in World Cup action, such as their valiant, but ultimately failed attempt to win back-to-back titles in 1990 despite reaching the finals by only scoring five goals. Still, they are a force to be reckoned with and no team should take them lightly.

Qualification Rounds

Although they finished third in the South American section of the qualifying rounds, it should be noted that Argentina was close to not qualifying at all until the came back to beat Ecuador in a thrilling comeback all thanks to their legendary player, Lionel Messi.

Players to Watch

Sergio Aguero: This fierce striker will be the one to take advantage of what his teammates offer so they can beat the opposition. While highly talented, it does appear that Aguero has yet to match his amazing abilities with his production on the pitch. Although his current count of 36 goals in 84 matches is quite good, it’s not the superstar numbers that is expected from him. Still, Aguero is talented, determined, and well-positioned to make Argentina a great team.

Javier Mascherano: This celebrated center-back is just behind the legendary Javier Zanetti in being the most capped in Argentina history. He will get his chance during the World Cup this year to beat Zanetti’s record. What’s perhaps most amazing about Mascherano is that he started as a midfielder and made the transition to center-back so smoothly that it appears he was born for the role. Immensely talented and determined, Mascherano will no-doubt play a huge role in Argentina’s chances to win the World Cup this year.

Lionel Messi: Of course, all eyes will be on one of the biggest names in the sport, the legendary Lionel Messi. He recently became Argentina’s all-time scorer, beating out Gabriel Batistuta and provides the team with an identity that keeps them in every game. Although Messi is closer to the end of his career than the beginning, he remains in top-form and will no doubt lead Argentina on the pitch.

Bet the World Cup

Argentina is the clear favorite to win Group D. Football/Soccer fans have been betting this team hard for years, so why should it stop now? They have the greatest player in the game, and made it to the finals in the last World Cup. To think that they won’t win the Group stage in Russia is silly.

Messi and company’s first match is June 16 vs Iceland. Iceland beat the odds to qualify, but unfortunately drew their first match against Argentina. Argentina should easy win this match up, and be well positioned to win the group afterward.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group D

Country Odds
Argentina 1.55
Croatia 3.25
Nigeria 11
Iceland 13

Argentina is 9/1 to win the entire tournament. We like those odds for the 2014 World Cup runner-up. At 9/1 you can bet on a quality team, while still getting decent odds. I don’t think you can go wrong betting this team to win it all, if you like them.

Betting the Top Goal Scorer

sexy world cup girlsCoincidentally, the odds for Messi scoring the most goals in also 9/1. He is the currently favorite as people love to bet on the best.

Something to consider is when betting on the top goal scorer is how long their team will stay in the tournament. We’ve already mentioned that Argentina is favored to go deep, so a bet on Messi isn’t unreasonable.

Other favorites to score the most goals are Neymar, Timo Werner, Antoine Griezmann, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Harry Kane. This is an elite group of strikers for sure.

Chances for Winning

world cup bettingWhile having a mediocre qualifying round does not predict that Argentina will come up short in reaching the World Cup finals, it does appear that the team has peaked and is now on the downside. Despite the heroics of Messi, he is not the entire team and they will have to step up, particularly Aguero, if they want to reach the finals again.

It will be chemistry, age, and determination that will ultimately decide the fate of Argentina, but it does appear that unless everyone steps up their game that this team is past its prime. Look for Argentina to compete strong in the initial groups but fail to get into the semi-finals.

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Belgium’s World Cup Odds and Bets

This makes the second appearance in a row for Belgium and they hope to surprise the world by improving on their World Cup past. While their best finish was in the 1986 World Cup at fourth place, they hope to reach and surpass the quarterfinals this year, unlike in 2014 when they were stopped in that round.

Qualifying Rounds

Apart from Russia, which hosted automatically being the host country, Belgium was the first on the European continent to qualify for the World Cup. In fact, they qualified with two games left to play, making 35 goals in the process. Although admittedly 25 of the 35 were made against Gibraltar and Estonia combined. While Belgium enjoyed a less-than-dominant qualifying group, there is little doubt that they played up to expectations.

Players to Watch

Romelu Lukaku: Manchester United has benefitted greatly from having Lukaku as its striker and Belgium will no doubt benefit as well at the World Cup. Lukaku’s status on the international scene is most impressive with 24 goals amid the 59 caps, a superb rate. While some have questioned his tendency to not hold up the ball well, given what a great attacker he is, Lukaku will no doubt be a big factor in the success the team has in this year’s World Cup.

Kevin De Bruyne: In his first 51 appearances, Bruyne has scored 12 goals which is pretty impressive for the midfielder. While he has demonstrated all-around talent, Bruyne is quite capable of being in the right place at the right time. His role this year is to help guide the team in setting up scoring opportunities which will provide them with the best chance to reach past the group stage.

Eden Hazard: The captain and one of the best wingers in the sport, Hazard’s skills are exceptions, especially the speed that he can move the ball thanks to his superb dribbling and natural talent. What makes Hazard special is his ability to change the game in an instant. He is the playmaker that makes Belgium special and dangerous for any other team in the competition. His experience at Chelsea when they won the EPL last season only demonstrates his considerable talent as one of the best wingers to play.

Bet the World Cup

Belgium is the 6th most bet team to win the World Cup. Betting on teams in this position are very good bets. They are not one of the favorites that everyone bets on, but they actually have a good shot at winning the tournament. Don’t sleep on Belgium. If you like them to win the World Cup, you should consider betting them today.

Their current odds are 11/1. They are also favored to win their group.

Belgium is a part of Group G with England, Tunisia and Panama. The only team that can really challenge them in the group is England.

Country Odds
Belgium 1.8
England 2.2
Tunisia 17
Panama 34

Belgium opens the tournament on June 18th as huge favorites over Panama. They should easily win this game. If you want an easy bet, this is it. I would suggest throwing this into a Parlay to boost your winning on other World Cup bets.

If  you are looking for a good sports books to place a World Cup bet, we have our 3 most recommended sports books listed on the top right of this page. Check them out!

Chances for Winning

This may be the best team Belgium has ever fielded, which is why so many are believing that if they have any chance of reaching the finals. With their experience, especially in the 2014 World Cup and subsequent finish in the 2016 Euro, expectations are quite high.

What may work against them is the soft competition they faced in the qualifying rounds and not being as strong defensively as some of the best in the field. If Belgium cannot get their goal-scoring on track, they will probably be outmatched. However, given their opportunities, it does appear the team stands an excellent chance of making it to the semi-finals. While a World Cup victory may be somewhat of a long-shot. Belgium does have the sheer talent, drive, and experience to make it.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy the matches and win when you bet on World Cup soccer 🙂

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England’s World Cup Odds and Bets

While England has history, tradition, and it’s love of football on its side, it does not go into the 2018 World Cup on a good note. They were eliminated in the group stage during the 2014 World Cup and were smacked by Iceland in the Round of 16 at the 2016 Euro. The squad that England will take into the World Cup this year is young and not so experienced.  But if they play up to their talents, they should redeem the team from their previous World Cup performance.

Qualifying Rounds

England managed to look strong, if not so spectacular when advancing into the World Cup this year. Taking what most people thought was a young team through the qualification process until they managed to complete their journey. While England appears to have some growing to do, it is clear that the team has grown considerably since it’s 2014 World Cup elimination.

Players to Watch

Jack Wilshere: One area that England will need to improve if England hopes to make it out of the group stage. Wilshere is a midfielder who will make a difference in terms of keeping the ball in play and taking advantage of the opportunities to present itself.

Marcus Rashford: This winger, along with Raheem Sterling, have managed to make a powerful impression while playing in the EPL. Marcus’ true strength is his versatility, meaning that when advancing or defending, he’s been able to adapt quickly to the fluidity of the game. It also helps that he is extremely confident which will only boost the chances that England has this year.

Harry Kane: It might be said that the fortunes of England rest on the incredible abilities of Kane, a striker who has scored a remarkable 12 goals in only 23 contests on the team. His scoring abilities when playing in the Premier League and Champions League notwithstanding, there is little doubt that Kane will anchor the team’s chances of winning in Russia this year.

In addition to the three players to watch, the defense of England will be of major concern as it has been lagging in its development. Kyle Walker and John Stones will anchor the defense, so they will need to step up if England hopes to keep their opponents contained.

Bet the World Cup

England has better odds than Portugal to win the World Cup, but their odds still aren’t very good (depending how you look at them). If you think England has a shot to win the whole thing, their current odds of 18/1 look pretty awesome. This would be an excellent time to bet!

On the other hand, if you look to the bookmakers to see if a team has a shot or not, the picture isn’t as good. While they are still in the top 10 favorites to win the tournament, both Belgium and Argentina are favored over them.

England is in Group G and opens the World Cup against Tunisia (a match they should easily win). Unfortunately, they will also have to face Belgium who is the favorite of the group. The good news for England is that Panama is the fourth team in Group G, so England has a very good chance to qualify and move on. The current odds for England to get out of the group stage is 1.1-1. While these odds may be very low, this may still be worth a bet as it could be very easy money to win.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Qualify Group G

Country Odds
Belgium 1.07
England 1.1
Tunisia 5.5
Panama 10

If you’re a fan of England, and want to bet the World Cup, this may be the easiest bet to win. But if you’re looking for better odds, you can always bet them to win the World Cup outright. Either way, betting on the World Cup is always the right call!

If you’re looking for a place to bet on the World Cup online, check out our top ranked sportsbooks on the top right side of this page.

Chances of Winning

Bet World CupAlthough quite young, England does bring a team that is also quite formidable. The duo of Kane and Alli, who play together on the Spurs, means that there is some chemistry present to create some scoring opportunities. Add to this the talent on the bench and overall enthusiasm which is a potent force that is peaking at the right time.

One intangible that England brings is their coach, Gareth Southgate. His relative inexperience coaching on the international scene may be a positive since he’s shown the ability to make bold decisions. And England will need bold decisions to be made if they are going to advance out of the group stage. Chances are, this team will not reach the semifinals, but any showing that is more impressive than their 2014 appearance will be considered a remarkable improvement.

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Portugal’s World Cup Odds and Bets

The 2018 World Cup will be Portugal’s fifth straight appearance although they have yet to win. Their best finish was back in their debut in 1966 when they managed to get into third place. In 2006, they finished in fourth. This year it is expected that Portugal will be one of the favorites to win it all.

Qualifying Rounds

There is little doubt to the power and presence of Portugal, having won the 2016 Euro and topping their qualifying group for the World Cup. However, it should be noted during the Euro, Portugal only had one outright win in regulation over Wales. The rest of the tournament saw three draws and the rest extra time or penalty kick victories.

Although quite strong, it should be noted that Portugal did not take the top spot until they beat Switzerland by two goals, which allowed them to finish in first based on goal differential with the Swiss. Still, it was a tough road for Portugal to win and given their experience, they will be favorites going into the World Cup this year.

Players to Watch

Rui Patricio: Goalkeepers are arguably the most important players on the team, even if they do not get all the glory they deserve. Patricio is an exception thanks to his remarkable skills and Portugal’s emphasis on defense. His experience combined with his ability to make outstanding saves means that if the star players do their job, Patricio will help keep the opponents out of the goal which helps secure the win.

Renato Sanches: This exciting midfielder would be a celebrated superstar in his own right if he were not playing on the same team as Ronaldo. He nabbed the Young Player of the Tournament for the 2016 Euro and his remarkable skills make him the future of Portugal. For the present, he represents a powerful punch that will augment the talents of the other players on his team.

Cristiano Ronaldo: What more can be said about the best, most flamboyant, and talented forward playing in the world today? Ronaldo has managed to craft his legend over the years and today appears to be at his peak. He’s won back-to-back Best FIFA Men’s Player Trophies in 2016 and 2017 respectively. He is the captain, leader, and superstar of Portugal and winning the World Cup will cap his remarkable career.

Bet the World Cup

Portugal isn’t one the favorites to win, but they have a shot. Current their odds are 25/1 which puts them well within the top 10 teams.

Unfortunately for Portugal, they’re in the same group as Spain. Spain has the stronger team and is currently favored to win the group.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Win Group B 

Country Odds
Spain 1.5
Portugal 2.8
Morocco 17
Iran 29

The good new is that Portugal is expected to qualify. With Spain also in the group, it may be worth a bet as their odds aren’t as high as they would normally be.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Odds To Qualify Group B

Country Odds
Spain 1.06
Portugal 1.22
Morocco 4.3
Iran 7

If you’re looking to bet on the World Cup, you could do worse than wagering on Portugal. Our best on Online Sportsbooks can be found on the top right of this page.

Chances of Winning

On paper, it seems that Portugal may be a lock for getting into the semi-finals and has an excellent chance to win it all. The only thing that might stop them is their opening group which is quite strong and includes their arch-rival Spain and the underrated Iran. Plus, the road out of the group is not going to be easy with Egypt, Russia, or Uruguay waiting in the Round of 16.

Still, if there is any team that can beat the tough competition, it’s Portugal thanks to their strong defense, excellent team spirit, unmatched talent, and the superstar that is Ronaldo who leads the way. However, keep in mind that Ronaldo was injured in the 2016 Euro and his team still won, meaning that if the worst should happen, you shouldn’t count Portugal out.

Thanks for reading. We hope that you bet World Cup and enjoy all the matches!

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Sports Betting in Las Vegas

Welcome_to_fabulous_las_vegas_signLas Vegas is the center of sports betting in the US and the growth of the internet has done nothing to dim the thrill of betting the Vegas line. Thanks to the gambling laws in Nevada, betting on sports is easy, fun and can be quite profitable for those who have a good understanding of the sports that they love. You can even bet the World Cup online in Nevada now too.

Each sport has its own unique flavor, rules and type of competition. Below we outline some of the most popular.


Betting on soccer is a big business in Nevada. While this isn’t the biggest sport in America, it is the most popular sport in the World. And people travel from all over the World to visit Las Vegas.

This year Las Vegas is offering a ton of World Cup prop bets in addition to their normal World Cup betting. If you can’t make it to Russia, and you’re looking for somewhere fun to watch the games, Vegas might be the sport for you.

If you live in Nevada, check out one of the local online Sportsbooks. They often offer the same odds and bets online that they do in the casino. Betting the World Cup online is easy, peasy in Nevada.

We also offer World Cup betting odds here!

Auto Racing

It’s only been recently that auto racing has made a big impact in Vegas. The structure of the betting is similar to golf in which a winner is selected with the odds determined by the participants chance of winning. This is also a structure used in betting on horses as well, which includes special bets for one on one matchups.


Hot-Baseball-BetsBetting on baseball will include the odds of a team winning the game using the “Money Line”. Understanding all the nuances of the Money Line and its variations such as the “Dime Line” is a little tricky at first, but there are other ways to bet as well.

This includes betting an over/under on the total runs in the game, the point spread by how much a team wins the game, and parlays where you bet on more than one team winning. All the teams must win in order for your parlay to pay off.


Basketball offers numerous opportunities to bet as well starting with the “straight bet” where you simply bet on the team you expect to win based on the point spread. In essence, the favored team must win by at least 1 point above the point spread when betting of the favorite. When betting on the underdog, that team must be at least 1 point within the spread in order for you to win the bet. If the teams finish the game at the exact point spread that is predicted, then the house wins.

Point spread bets are typical in individual and teams sports based on scoring the most points to win.


Boxing uses a win/loss betting system with odds in place for the favored fighter. There are also over/under rounds in predicting a knockout. In some betting circles in Las Vegas, a draw will return your money however, that is not always the case.


Arguably the sport that most people bet on in the US, football has a number of betting systems used in Las Vegas. The point spread is the most common as well as an over/under of the total amount of points that are scored in the game by both teams. There are also parlays where more than one bet is combined and teasers where the point spread is placed more in favor of the better, but the odds are reduced so that the payout is not as much.


sexy-swim-in-vegasThis is one of the most interesting forms of sports betting because it is not based on the completion that happens between athletes and teams, but instead on predictions about who will win a particular prize in the future such as placing a bet on who will win the Super Bowl before the season even starts. Such bets are made with odds that can promise a big payout if an underdog teams manages to pull out a victory.


Like auto racing, golf is a relatively recent addition to Las Vegas sports betting. However, the structure is fairly simple with bets placed on who will win tournaments at set odds with the favorites naturally getting lower odds. Head to head wagers are common as well with people being able to bet which golfer does better than the other. Golf also has room for more unusual betting, such as the over/under on finishing position.


For the most part, betting on hockey is based on the goal spread and winners are paid out on the Money Line. The goal spread is betting on your team beating the spread of goals that are listed which helps determine the favorites. This is a common system that is used in relatively low scoring games such as baseball, hockey and soccer. Parlays can be bet on as well to increase the overall payout.

Horse Racing

horse-racing-las-vegasCertainly one of the oldest betting sports around, horse racing involves betting on individual horses with pre-set odds. There are also “Exactas” which is predicting the order of the first two horses, “Trifectas” where you pick the order of the first three horses and the “Superfecta” where you predict the order of the first four horses. There is also the “Daily Double” which is predicting the winners of two consecutive races and the “Daily Triple” which is three consecutive races.

One interesting aspect on sports betting in Las Vegas is that there are certain sports-related events that you cannot bet on. For example, elections in any form cannot be the subject to betting which means that you cannot bet on who wins the NFL Most Valuable Player or the Cy Young Award and so forth.

However, people can make plenty of “wacky” bets that fall outside the normal betting on sporting events. For the most part, the Super Bowl seems to attract more than any other single game probably because it is the most popular in the US and thus has more people betting on the outcome.

For example, someone could bet on whether a particular Super Bowl team would score more touchdowns than a particular hockey team would score goals on that particular day. Or, betting on which player would actually score the first touchdown of the game as well.

Where to bet World Cup in Vegas? There are certainly plenty of ways to bet in Las Vegas, especially when it comes to sports. Whether it’s a World Cup bet or something else, it really pays to look over all the sports and see what kinds of bets you can make.


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France 2018 FIFA World Cup Team

world cup bettingFrance has a solid World Cup Team. They are one of the favorites to win the tournament, and they are expected to win their group.

Their first match is vs Peru on June 21st.

If you would like to bet on France during the World Cup, we recommend that you check out our Top Online Sportsbooks in the right side of the page.

FIFA World Cup 2018: To Win Group C

Country Odds
France 1.3
Denmark 5.5
Peru 11
Australia 15

The French Team

The 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia is just around the corner. As far as France team is concerned, we all know that France football team is loaded with talent. Needless to say, many people are betting on them.

world cup bettingDidier Deschamps, the boss of the French football team, has recently declared the list of players that are going to play on 2018 FIFA World Cup. Included in this list are the eight stars from reading Madrid Strikers and Manchester United Winger. France just qualified as a group that will participate in World Cup 2018. They secured their position in the World Cup by scoring 13 points. Although there is a little difference in the pints of France and Sweden, team France has managed to enter the among the qualifying groups.

Starting from the top, France has some amazing youngsters in the line in the form of Kylian Mbappe and Moussa Dembele. Moussa Dembele has made a move from Celtic. He is making goals for trophies at the rate of 85 at the age of 25. While Kylian Mbappe is arguably the crown jewel of the last FIFA world cup. He goals at the rate of 89 at only the age of 23. He is linking up with some amazing players, so he has his place in the French squad. Between these two, Kylian Mbappe and Moussa Dembele, Kylian Mbappe would be the golden boy who will act as the starting striker. He could be the most exciting player, so it would be great fun watching the whole tournament.

Moving down from the top, the second striker would be Antoine Griezmann. He is surprisingly able to maintain his rate at 89 at the age of just 28. He is very consistent with his performance. Another viable option for France football team is Nabil Fekir who is a new start in the team. He seems to peak at 86 overall, but no doubt he will be an important player for the team. Griezmann gets the knot here, and he will probably play slightly behind Mbappe. In this way, we will get to see the ball ends up at the young striker and brilliant movements that he will create for us.

world cup bettingWhen we switch to the left side of the pitch, it will be absolutely stacked with great players. Kingsley Coman has insane statistics. The acceleration rate is 98, sprint speed 99 and dribbling 93. Overall the rate is 87. This 26-year player statistics have already reached 88. He is not chosen for the left side, but he will be spotted on the right or will play more role in the center of the football ground. The right side of the attack is considered as one of the uneasiness decisions of the French Football team boss. Therefore, only the role of Kingsley Coman will be prominent in this area.

The left side of the attack will have to go to Anthony Marshall. Manchester United kept hold of this promising player who had an average statistic of 90 last year. Plus, he is safe and has got some time playing with Mbappe. This thing will help both of them for playing for their national team.

When we move into the center of the midfield, there is another group that rich in talent. Right now, out of the six members of the central field, only four are confirmed while the space of 2 players is still empty. Here, among the four selected players, France team got Paul Pogba at 94 overall, making him one of the best and the safest players. Among other three selected players are Thomas Lemar with an overall average of 87, Corentin Tolisso with an overall average of 88 and Adrien Rabiot is another important player in the center of the ground.

Adrien Rabiot is considered as the arm of the team captain with an overall average rate of 88. This average makes him one of the world’s most credible mid ground fielders. Players like, Paul Pogba, Thomas Lemar, Adrien Rabiot and Corentin Tolisso all have an average above 85. Therefore, definitely, the whole French team is looking forward to their amazing performances.

Bet on World Cup

Overall, it seems like France is ready to fight for the FIFA World Cup trophy with full zeal and zest. It’s time to place a bet on this team!

The reflection of each member of the team will be able to create a great difference in the overall performance of the team. After careful selection of the members, the French team boss Didier Deschamps is looking very confident and positive for the World Cup.

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Brazil’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Team

Check out our most recent article on Brazil’s World Cup 2018 Odds and Bets!

Brazilian football team has the richest history in the world of soccer. They also have some of the sexiest fans.

No other football team has more goals in the finals than Brazil. There is nothing to shock about the abilities of Brazilian football team. They got all the fine players who play professionally, and are still playing the best soccer of their career. Out of 26 players, 15 will be selected for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The Brazilian football team is in competition with France and Germany. Brazil is all set to win the sixth title for the country. They are confident about their players.

Brazil is the only country among all other qualifiers of FIFA World Cup 2018, that is capable to the showpiece in Russia. The happens soon after the coach in 2016 was change. The former coach was able to polish the capabilities and creativity of the team. But son, the charge of Brazilian team was taken over by Tite. Since then, the team has lost only one game. This how’s the amazing leadership qualities of Tite, which the former coach Carlos Dunga did not have. After taking over the charge of the team, Tite made some serious changes in the team, regarding players selected.

The players that he used in the first two matches after becoming coach are not selected as it is in the FIFA World Cup 2018. He excluded some of the players, such as Taison, Fagner, Luan, etc. Among the prominent, newly added player’s are Artur, Fred, and Tardelli. David Luiz was the payer for whom it was speculated that he might be selected by the coach, but unfortunately, he was unable to make his place in the team. But that doesn’t mean we won’t Bet the World Cup.

The current team, under the supervision of Tite, has successfully made its place in the finals. This shows how sensibly the coach has used his senses to make a complete package for perfect FIFA World Cup 2018 team.

Brazilian coach selected fifteen players for his FIFA World Cup 2018 team. These players were selected during the qualification rounds. These team players reflect how consciously Tite selected them because they are all brilliant stars who can handle any situation in the game. Brazil has secured its place in FIFA World Cup 2018. Now they have announced their final team that will play in Russia.

The Brazil squad for FIFA World Cup 2018 include goalkeepers, Alisson Becker, Marcelo Grohe, and Diego Alves. Of all these goalkeepers, chances highest chances are that Alisson will be selected in comparison to any other goalkeeping player. Among the defenders are, Dani Alves, Fanger, Marcelo, Filipe Luis, Miranda, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, and Gil. Casemiro, Fernandinho, Paulinho, Renato Augusto, Giuliano, Diego, Walace are the final selected midfielders. Among themed fielders, Alves and Silva are the brilliant ones whose place is secured for sure to travel to Russia. The absence of Neymar among the selected midfielders was a shock for everyone, but later it was revealed that the 26-year old was seriously injured. Due to this he was unable to play in the qualification rounds and thus unable to make his place in the team for FIFA World Cup 2018. That’s a team to bet on.

The players in forwards will include Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino, and Willian. It is expected that the consistency with which the Brazilian team has been winning matches since 2016 and the way they went through the qualification rounds and topped most of these rounds with 10 points. Therefore, they have the most chances of winning the trophy for their country.

Brazilian football team stood as champions for not just one or two times, but five times in the FIFA world cup. They lead South America in their winning record and have ten points more than the Uruguay, which is the second-ranked team after Brazil. In their coming international ventures, the Brazilian team would probably face the Bolivian and Chile teams that are ranked at the ninth and sixth place.

Betting World Cup OnlineIn 2014, the Brazilian team competed with Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia. After that when the coach was changed, and Tite came into action to lead his team towards success. Now they are the topmost favorites of coming FIFA World Cup 2018.

The selected team players are high motivated to make this World Cup another success, more precisely, the seventh success. According to the Coach Tite, the team is trained to focus on playing well, and completely without the fear of losing. This is why many people will be betting on them. The team will try their best to bring the 2018 World Cup to their home country Brazil.

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